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    Mobile phone data costs 7x more in the US than the UK

    The cost of 1GB of mobile data is 7x higher in the US ($4.98) than the UK ($1.72), according to a study by Fair Betting Sites  using data from Cable.

    The study also compared the average cost of over 5,000 mobile data plans in 233 countries to calculate the cost of 1GB of data around the world.

    According to the data, the cost of 1GB of data jumps 68% YoY in the US to $5.62, with North America having the most expensive mobile internet of any region in the world ($4.98/1GB). Meanwhile, remote island nations have most expensive mobile internet plans, while Israel offers the cheapest mobile internet in the world ($0.04/1GB).

    In 2021, the cost of 1GB of mobile phone data in the US cost an average of just $3.33. However, that number has jumped by 69% to $5.62 in 2022. By comparison, the cost of 1GB of data in the UK dropped from $1.42 in 2021 to $0.79 in 2022, a decrease of 44 percent. Meanwhile, the price of 1GB of data in Canada increased by an average of 3.85 percent, going from $5.72 in 2021 to $5.94 in 2022.

    In the US, the cost of 1GB of cell phone data is 7x more expensive than in the UK, where you can get 1GB of data for just $0.79 USD. In fact, Canada ($5.94) and the US ($5.62) are among the developed nations that charge the most for mobile internet.

    According to the report, the average cost of 1GB of data in North America was $4.98 USD, by far the most expensive of any region in the world. In fact, 1GB of data costs nearly 60 percent more than the global average ($3.12). At $5.94, Canada had the highest average cost of data of any country in Northern America while the US ($5.62), Bermuda ($5.00), and Greenland ($3.36) came in close behind.

    Mobile phone data was most expensive in remote islands in South America and Africa. Saint Helena, a British Overseas Territory, had the highest cost for 1GB of cell phone data at $41.06 USD while Falkland Islands finished second on the list with an average cost of $38.45 USD for 1GB of data.

    In Israel, 1GB of data costs an average of $0.04, by far the lowest rate in the world. In fact, mobile phone data costs 3x less in Israel than the next-lowest country.

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