Monday, April 15, 2024

    Mobile retailer Chitter Chatter teams up with cyber safety company to help keep children safe while they are connected 

    Mobile retailer Chitter Chatter has joined forces with leading cyber-safety company, SafeToNet  to ensure the UK’s children can stay safe on their mobile devices whilst staying connected to what’s important to them.

    The collaboration will kick off with Chitter Chatter promoting SafeToNet to their new and existing customers via informational blog posts and newsletters, explaining how the pioneering technology works and the benefit it can provide for them and their families.

    Using artificial intelligence, the  SafeToNet app provides real-time advice and guidance to steer children away from harm, while protecting their right to privacy. The safeguarding keyboard prevents a child from sending harmful messages and helps them to better understand how to be a safe, responsible digital citizen.

    The partnership with Chitter Chatter, who were rated the UK’s highest-rated mobile retailer on TrustPilot in July 2020, will be looking to promote the SafeToNet’s free-for-life licences offer. This one of a kind promotion sees the cyber security company offering up 1 million free-for-life licences to UK families in order to keep the country’s children safe, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents have until midnight on the 15th of September to register their details via the link below and until the 30th of September to activate the App on their smartphone or tablet.

    This is just the first collaborative step between the two companies, as discussions are underway for future plans, such as pre-installing the SafeToNet software on devices for children or sold via Chitter Chatter’s web store.

    Chitter Chatter’s Sales & Marketing Director James Francis says: “We aim to help as many families as possible stay connected and look after what’s important, and this partnership supports that mission in helping protect children online. We’re really pleased to be working with the SafeToNet team and their app to promote safe and responsible use of mobile products and services.”

    CEO and co-founder of SafeToNet Richard Pursey says: “We are thrilled to be teaming up with one of the UK’s most trusted mobile retailers and to be able to partner up with a company that shares our values and our mission – to make the internet a safe place for every child in the UK. With this collaboration, we hope to ensure that children are protected from online harms, whilst staying connected to their friends and family. To have Chitter Chatter on board and putting child safety at the forefront is an important and welcomed move, and we encourage other mobile companies to follow suit.”

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