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    Mobile traffic continues its slow march towards to 50% tipping point in Q1 benchmark shows

    The latest figures from Affiliate Window for mobile traffic in Q1 2015 show that mobile traffic is on the rise and is edging ever closer to the 50% tipping point in the UK – a landmark reached in the US in August 2014.

    According to the latest figures, 46.1% of traffic originated from a mobile device – up from 43.49% in Q4 2014 – while 25.19% of traffic came from a smartphone – up from 22.41% in Q4 2015.

    35.86% of sales originated from a mobile device – down from 36.19% in Q4 2015. 15.89% of sales came from a smartphone, up from 15.01% in Q4 2014. Mobile traffic converted at 3.57%, down from 4.57% in Q4 2014, and Mobile Average Order Value (AOV) was £65, up from £64.11 in Q4 2014.

    34,600 sales came through a mobile device (smartphone and tablet) each day, 15,350 of these were through a smartphone. Looked at hourly, that equates to 640 sales generated through a smartphone each hour. 675 clicks originated from a smartphone every minute and 29.5% of revenue generated for Affiliate Window’s advertisers originated from a mobile device in Q1.

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