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Mobile traffic still buoyantly above 50% at peak, but down on December monthly benchmark reveals


Mobile traffic as a proportion of all online traffic has continued to see points above 50% in January according to the latest figures from Affiliate Window.

34,600 sales each day originated from a mobile device – that’s smartphone and tablet – and 14,500 of these were through a smartphone. 642 clicks originated from a mobile device every minute and 604 sales were generated through a smartphone each hour. 29.31% of revenue generated for our advertisers in January was through a mobile device

In January 44.01% of traffic originated from a mobile device – down from 44.37 % in December – and 22.24% of traffic came from a smartphone – down from 22.75% in December. 35.73% of sales originated from a mobile device – also down from 37.35% in December’s Christmas powered peak.

14.96% of sales came from a smartphone – down from 15.75% in December and mobile traffic converted at 3.74% – down from 4.92% in December and Mobile Average Order Value (AOV) was £66.85 – up from £62.96 in December.

Looking at individual device trends, Android smartphones accounted for 25.55% of smartphone traffic and 26.26% of sales and Android tablets accounted for 44.19% of tablet traffic and 24.79% of sales (up from 22.99% in December). iPad AOV is consistently higher than Android tablets, with £52.72 in January and iPads have continued to convert at 3 percentage points above Android tablets, as we’ve seen in previous months.

But Android tablets are continuing to close the traffic gap with iPhones, driving now 44.19% of all tablet traffic in January, as witness by other studies. Research from developers Poq Studio finds that Android users are much more interactive with their apps than their iOS counterparts – and that those with high end Android devices spend as much as Apple users on commerce and services, turning conventional wisdom on its head.


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