Saturday, April 20, 2024
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    Modelled audiences of up to 30m available to Lotame users to help them build highly accurate programmatic campaigns

    Leading data management platform (DMP) company, Lotame, is teaming up with mobile marketing and insights provider Weve, which is part of O2, to receive unique, telco modelled audience data to help improve programmatic marketing & promotion distribution for its clients.

    Through Weve’s integration with mobile ad exchange Axonix, Weve Insights data will become available for Lotame’s clients and on a DMP platform for the first time.

    The tie up aims to help users of Lomate’s platform improve the quality of their programmatic planning as well as take advantage of high confidence-level, modelled audience segments of up to 30 million. This will enable them to target their particular audiences and build campaigns with a higher degree of confidence and accuracy. Lotame’s users will also benefit from the freedom to append Weve Insights data to the media inventory of their choice, meaning planners can confidently design audience segments at scale.

    Commenting on the partnership, Martin Weller, Head of Sales and Interim General Manager at Weve said: “Weve Insights data is a unique mobile first, stand-alone data offering that is based on real people, not proxies, modelling the behaviours of Weve’s verified network onto the rest of the UK adult population. We are delighted to be working with Lotame to make Weve Insights available to their buying community. Lotame’s reach of the ad market is very impressive, so the opportunity to make Weve Insights available to their users will help deliver on our ambition of enabling high quality data to be available to all clients through all channels.”

    “We know that access to accurate mobile data and insights is important to our customers,” adds Chris Hogg, EMEA Managing Director at Lotame. “Partnering with Weve and Axonix to provide high quality, first-party telco-derived data delivers exactly what our clients are asking for.”

    Simon Bailey, CEO, Axonix, says: “The Lotame partnership allows us to get Weve Insights data into market, providing advertisers and publishers with access to a unique mobile-first data product that can be traded fluidly and outside the parameters of a walled garden, whilst ensuring we respect consumer privacy. We are excited about the global scale this partnership brings, enabling us to activate our data in each of the markets we operate in.”

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