Thursday, May 23, 2024

    More women on the aimm top table than ever before as new board announced

    The announcement of the new 2019 aimm board brings with it the largest number of women to have sat on the aimm board during its history, currently four. The pattern is also reflected by the aimm Executive, which now consists of an almost all female team at the UK Trade Association.

    This matches the trend of more women entering the tech and interactive media industries over the last few years though the change is still slow.

    Surveys have reported that women are more in-tune with tech. For example, women in western countries use the internet 17% more than their male counterparts. They use their mobile phones, social media platforms, and location-based services more; plus, they are lead adopters of new technology and an essential demographic for so many tech industries.

    A survey of 1,500 womenworking in technology found more than half aged between 18 and 39 reported good opportunities to advance their career.

    At the beginning of March aimm announced its 2019 Board. The organisation received six applications from members of aimm to join the aimm Board or re-apply for their seats.

    The candidates were:

    • Caroline Press   Three UK
    • Claire Taylor      Telefonica
    • Chris Newell      BillMobile
    • Alan Partington   Telecom2
    • Eric Feltin           Atlas Mobile
    • Rob Weisz           Fonix

    You can learn more about the candidates HERE.

    They will be joining aimm’s existing Board:

    • Neil Johnson                        aimm Chair
    • Joanna Cox                          aimm General Manager
    • Toby Padgham                      aimm Executive Director
    • Kevin Dawson                       Dynamic Mobile Billing
    • Abi Hillman                          ITV
    • Jonny Brown                        sb7
    • James Macfarlane               PM Connect
    • Oliver Cooke                       IMImobile
    • Joel Stern                           Global
    • Alex Haffner                      Fladgate LLP

    aimm’s new Board members will officially start their roles on the 1st April and will be at our next Board meeting, and aimm looks forward to working with them.

    “We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Clark Johnson from Telefonica for all his hard work and support during his time on the Board, and who has now stepped down due to other commitments,” says an aim spokesperson.


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