Tuesday, April 23, 2024

    MWC 23 Half of Americans want telcos to take ownership of their streaming subscription services

    Demand for Super Bundles is on the rise, with 77% of US subscription users looking to merge all of their subscriptions into a single “Super Bundle”. Of these, 51% believe that telcos and mobile providers will be best placed to manage the new, all-in-one service.

    These findings, released by Super Bundling technology provider Bango, come from a study of 2,500 American subscription users.

    Of those pushing for telcos to take the reins, 84% say that they would be “more loyal” to their current telecoms provider if it managed all their subscriptions. More than half (58%), also say that they would leave their current telecoms provider if a super bundle offering became available elsewhere.

    To take advantage of this demand, leading telecoms brands have announced their first Super Bundle platforms, including Verizon’s +Play content hub in the USA and Optus’ SubHub subscriptions brand in Australia. These platforms provide a one-stop shop for subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, as well as lifestyle and gaming subscriptions and more, all managed through a single monthly telecoms bill.

    Commenting on the new data at MWC Barcelona, Bango CMO Anil Malhotra said, “Telecoms companies are perfectly placed to take advantage of the switch to Super Bundling. It’s clear from our research that consumers want telcos to lead the charge.

    “Subscriptions are meant to make life easier, but the reality is a labyrinth of disjointed systems, accounts, and monthly bills. The new generation of all-in-one Super Bundles will solve that, putting subscribers in control and creating new growth opportunities for telcos.”

    The new research data was released at MWC Barcelona, alongside a demo of Bango’s super bundle solution (Bango Resale) in action. Bango Resale operates like a digital vending machine — opening-up an ecosystem of subscription offers and deals spanning popular services like Netflix, ESPN+, Prime, YouTube, Peloton, Audible, Dropbox, Xbox and more. As Anil Malhotra describes it: “Bango Resale is like a vending machine, ready to install and activate, capable of stocking every subscription offer imaginable. Telcos can select the subscriptions they want to offer and quickly launch their own super bundles — without the need to build a solution from the ground up.”

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