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#MWC15 mGage offers brands the chance to engage consumers over OTT messaging too


mGage, is extending mobile engagement for brands to ever-more-popular OTT services with the launch of its over-the-top (OTT) connectivity hub, an aggregation platform for brands to reach consumers through popular social messaging applications.

Global enterprises are more challenged than ever reaching their customers on mobile devices and mGage’s OTT hub now opens up the ability for global brands to reach beyond the traditional SMS/MMS inbox of their customers into the fast growing world of over-the-top messaging applications.

The mGage OTT Hub complements mobile apps and other channels like SMS and MMS that companies currently use to engage with customers, providing a way to reach consumers on the messaging and social applications that they are already actively using on a daily basis.

The mGage OTT Hub is unique in its ability to provide a personalized in-app experience with user authentication and secure, two-way communication, enabling companies and consumers to exchange rich messages (text, pictures, video and voice) and conduct transactions in a secure environment.

mGage Chief Executive Officer, Jay Sheth, said: “With the emergence of channels like OTT, we’re seeing a shift in consumer demand for accessibility in a single app versus relying on a plethora of separate mobile apps. With nearly a billion active users subscribed to popular messaging apps and OTT traffic outpacing SMS growth in several countries around the world, brands can now capitalize on the massive opportunity to reach their mobile customers with rich experiences and personalized 1:1 messaging. Our platform essentially serves as a superhighway for companies to integrate with multiple OTT messaging applications via a single platform.”

Brands using mGage’s multi-channel mobile platform can engage with their customers across nearly any geography using SMS, MMS, push notifications, voice, and now, OTT messaging applications. mGage is actively working with several messaging application providers to integrate them into the OTT Hub.

Features of the mGage OTT Hub include security, protocol normalization, secure connectivity, services layers, analytics and reporting. The OTT Hub is ideally suited for global brands that engage with consumers within the financial services, travel, hospitality, and retail industries.


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