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    MWC24 InterDigital to showcase beyond 5G innovation for customer experience ‘at work, at rest and at play’

    As the boundaries between physical, digital and virtual worlds are increasingly blurred, InterDigital innovation in wireless, video and AI plays an important role in empowering new network capabilities and seamless connected experiences.

    At Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC24) , InterDigital, a mobile, video and AI technology research and development company, will showcase the depth and breadth of their innovation impact, spotlighting a suite of technologies that empower an array of connected experiences at work, at rest, and at play.

    Located at Hall 7 Stand 7B31, InterDigital will showcase cutting-edge research and industry collaborations that unlock new network capabilities and user experiences, placing a spotlight on the emerging 5G Advanced and 6G potential for the integration of sensing data, state-of-the-art streaming solutions that deliver the highest quality video content while mitigating energy consumption, exciting immersive developments and haptic partnerships that enhance streaming video experiences and more.

    “InterDigital innovation creates value through the tools we create and through the experiences they enable,” says Rajesh Pankaj, EVP and CTO at InterDigital. “We are undergoing a paradigm shift from 5G to 6G and 2D to 3D video, so delivering a high-quality connected experience will be the most important factor for consumers and enterprises. At MWC, we’re excited to showcase our innovation, expertise, and industry partnerships that are enabling even more seamless immersion in diverse connected environments.”

    InterDigital Innovation: Empowering Connected Experiences At Work, At Rest, and At Play

    At Work: Sensing-enabled 6G mobile networks

    • At MWC, InterDigital will demonstrate a connected factory environment that uses InterDigital’s sensing and communication technology to retrieve and send real-time information from network and device sensors to enable the seamless augmented experience of remotely controlling an autonomous vehicle.
    • Identified as an early 6G building block, integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) enables mobile networks to provide information about objects in proximity to mobile devices and base stations to applications and service providers to enhance the end user experience.
    • InterDigital’s demonstration will display how the integrated communication between device and network sensors can empower applications and end users to utilize sensing results to remotely and seamlessly navigate environments.

    At Rest: end-to-end vvc encoding of energy aware HDR content

    • InterDigital will also emulate the connected living room of an environmentally conscious home that leverages InterDigital solutions and AI expertise to not only empower streaming of the highest quality content but also mitigate the energy impact of viewing.
    • InterDigital is a champion of the state-of-the-art video codec VVC, a critical collaborator alongside Philips in the development of Advanced HDR streaming solutions, and a pioneering contributor to energy aware media standard initiatives and local light adaptation solutions like Pixel Value Reduction.
    • In addition to showcasing the end-to-end VVC encoding of energy-aware HDR content, the demo will also apply InterDigital’s AI expertise to our Pixel Value Reduction solution to achieve unperceivable reductions in pixel luminance that support energy efficient media delivery and consumption.

    At Play: haptic-enhanced immersive video streaming

    • Citing the popularity of eSports, InterDigital will showcase a connected gaming environment that enables viewers to experience the tactile sensation of streamed, live gameplay through InterDigital contributions to MPEG immersive and haptics standards and Razer Sensa HD haptic devices powered by Interhaptics.
    • InterDigital is a long-time contributor to MPEG Immersive Standards, including Scene Description, V3C codecs alongside partner Philips, and newer haptics codecs to enable seamless, immersive experiences.
    • By streaming a connected gaming experience over large-scale OTT mobile networks enhanced by the latest MPEG immersive and haptics codecs, InterDigital’s demo will enable viewers to experience the tactile sensation of gameplay, whether enhanced by haptic devices in live game play or integrated into pre-recorded gaming environments experienced through headsets and 2D screens.

    Elsewhere at MWC, InterDigital will lead stage presentations and showcase at partner booths to further amplify the impact of our research and innovation.

    • On Stage B, InterDigital’s Valerie Allie, Video Solutions Lead, will deliver a presentation on innovations enabling haptic-enhanced and immersive streaming experiences on the Ink, Wear, Touch: Evolution of Personal Touch session on Tuesday, February 27 at 13:15. Learn more here.
    • At the Broadpeak booth located atCS299 in Congress Square, InterDigital and Broadpeak will showcase their collaboration on MPEG V3C immersive content distribution over a content delivery network.
    • At the Keysight booth located atHall 5 Stand 5E12InterDigital and Keysight will together showcase a 144 GHz testbed utilizing an AI-enabled air interface. The partners will show how AI channel estimators can be trained, added to a 6G physical layer, and validated with over-the-air hardware.
    • As part of the O-RAN Alliance Summit at MWC, located at Partner Theatre 5, Hall 8.0, Doug Castor, InterDigital’s Head of Wireless Research and Vice Chair of the Next G Alliance Roadmap Working Group will participate in a panel discussion exploring Industry Body Alignment on future wireless and 6G roadmaps on Wednesday, February 28 at 9:20. Learn more here.

    You can visit InterDigital at Mobile World Congress Barcelona at Hall 7 Booth 7B31. Register to attend Mobile World Congress here.

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