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Nearly a third of TV viewers jump online during ad breaks


Online marketing technology company, Rocket Fuel, has studied most popular shows on Christmas Day to see how many people ignored TV ad breaks and went online on mobile devices instead and found that there was considerable uplift to mobile.

The Coronation Street Christmas Day episode was the most popular commercial TV programme of the day with 6.41 million tuning in to see Tracy and Tony kissing under the mistletoe. Rocket Fuel estimates there was a 31% increase in mobile device activity among viewers during the ad breaks of the popular soap and just over 2 million ads were served to viewers during the ad breaks.

The Queen’s Speech was the most popular show overall with slots on BBC and ITV resulting in 7.82 million viewers, however as soon as it was finished Rocket Fuel estimates that 22% of viewers picked up their phones and tablets and jumped online.

Viewers in Edinburgh were clearly even keener to jump online after the monarch’s festive delivery with 58% heading onto their favourite websites and social media networks once she’d wrapped up. Interestingly, there was no increase in the number of Londoners connecting to the internet following the Queen’s speech. Perhaps Londoners were offline or maybe they were already surfing the net throughout the speech.

Top ten cities which saw uplift following the Queen’s Speech were:

• Edinburgh – 58%
• Newcastle Upon Tyne – 54%
• Coventry – 48%
• Brighton – 42%
• Norwich – 34%
• Nottingham – 32%
• Manchester – 32%
• Leeds – 31%
• Birmingham – 26%
• London – 0%

Rocket Fuel utilised TV data provided by Teletrax, the most technologically advanced real-time TV analytics and TV-synced ads solution. Using its content identification platform and network, Teletrax (a Civolution company) identifies in real-time what’s airing on TV on a global scale. It provided the exact times for the ad breaks during Christmas day broadcasting allowing Rocket Fuel to compare corresponding activity peaks in the ad impressions served at these particular times.


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