Telemedia for Network Operators

At the heart of the Telemedia value chain lie the fixed, mobile and next generation IP-based network operators. They are the glue that holds it all together and carries the traffic and often runs the billing systems.

How does Telemedia help Network Operators?

  • Insight: How the network businesses works
  • Connection: What they can offer SPs, aggregators, content providers and media owners
  • Regulation News: The rules and regulations surrounding the running of services over networks
  • Network: The economics of networking – especially the conflict between voice and data
  • Worldwide Viewpoint: Overview of the international network market
  • Knowledge: How network developments can drive new services and offerings
  • Understanding: Inside track on the thinking within the network operator community

Maximize your value in “the chain” which generates premium network traffic (PSMS, PRS) and discover where the next opportunity lies in partnership with Media & Marketing Groups, SPs, Aggregators, Network Operators, Convergent Technology and Billing Specialists.

Glossary of Terms

What does a Network Operator do in the Telemedia Value chain?

Since most services are marketed and sold “remotely” – where there is no established billing relationship between the merchant/promoter and the customer – the role of the network is of vital importance. Specifically, it is the ability to assign higher rates (consumer price) to value added service and content propositions and then collect payment from these consumer (based on their phone number / caller ID) – this is central to the telemedia industry’s commercial model.

What does a Tier 2 Network do?

Deregulation of the telecoms market has given tier 2 networks, service providers and aggregators, access to the billing and delivery capabilities of the telecoms network. The ubiquitous nature of telephony also provides the industry with unique access to almost every individual in practically any domestic or international market.