Monday, April 15, 2024

    New all-in-one app management platform makes distribution and management simple

    Digital software development firm Dogfish Mobile has rolled out a new mobile app management platform, aimed at enterprise clients who need an all-in-one solution to host, distribute and manage apps for their workforce.

    YourAppBox benefits from more than 3 years of product development customer feedback gained from their previous app management platform InstallFish.

    Paul Burrowes, Dogfish’s Chief Architect, explains: “InstallFish was aimed at developers and focused on app distribution. We had an increasing number of enterprise clients looking for a more rounded app management platform, that allows app distribution outwith the main commercial app stores. The innovative new features give users the power to effortlessly onboard their workforce and keep them up to date with the ever changing app landscape.”

    The admin portal has a simple, intuitive user interface, making app and app store management incredibly easy. Anyone from HR leads to CEOs can create app stores and manage the employee app portfolio. YourAppBox also has enhanced branding and configuration options – allowing enterprise users to tailor their app stores appearance to match their existing corporate identity.

    Suitable for both iOS and Android apps, the new platform sees the creation of three subscription tiers designed to address the needs of individual developers right through to global enterprise. Pricing is a simple cost-per-tier model with no restrictions applied to the volume of users on each platform. A distinct advantage that allows organisations to freely scale without concerns of spiralling costs.

    YourAppBox features improved security, design, reporting, analytics and is built using the very latest frameworks. According to industry data, by 2023 the mobile enterprise app market is expected to reach $140 billion and organisations are looking for app distribution platforms that can meet their needs. YourAppBox has approximately 1,000 beta users already, backed by a support and development team.

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