Monday, June 24, 2024

    txtNation revamps charge to mobile with Payforit 5

    Charge to Mobile is the UK’s Direct Operator Billing and txtNation has been working hard on a new and improved version – implementing Payforit 5,  the latest mobile payment scheme for charge to mobile.

    txtNation’s previous Charge to Mobile services were a hybrid of direct connections and third party front end using Payforit. “The new one, is our own, from the ground up showing our own front end utilising our direct connections,” says Michael Whelan, txtNation’s CEO.

    “Soon clients will be able to sign up to Charge to Mobile from their My,txtNation accounts, create multiple campaigns, try them out in “sandbox” mode, and view rich statistics. Platform tools also allow us to customise and monitor Charge to Mobile in optimal new ways,” he says.

    You can catch the new service at World Telemedia Marbella on 18 to 20th October.


    Client Feature Highlights:

    ๏ New and existing clients can create Charge to Mobile campaigns in My in a few minutes at any time of day or night.

    ๏ Create a testable “sandbox” campaign instantly, to integrate and play with key Charge to Mobile features.

    ๏ Sandbox campaigns only require a few key settings to get started and the client only has to complete all the settings when they are ready to go live.


    This is a significant project, and perhaps the largest scale project txtnation has ever undertaken, says Whelan, combining many separate systems that work in tandem. Each system is responsible for just a few key functions, tailored to specific business goals. This greatly improves the transparency, scalability, maintainability and flexibility of the platform.

    In future, development on new billing products could be accelerated by using Charge to Mobile APIs to queue, query and charge. In this way, the forthcoming release of Charge to Mobile is not only a highly advanced version of Direct Operator Billing, but a signal of our future direction.



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