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    New messaging app aims to give half its revenues away

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that the last thing we need is another chat app, given the runaway success of texting and what’sapp, but a new one launched today in the UK aims to shake that all up – by giving away its revenues to its users.

    Tengi, a chat app that gives back, has today announced its full UK launch, following a successful regional beta and has a significant and disruptive USP: giving 50% of all its revenue to its users.

    Available on Android and iOS phones, Tengi is a messaging app that rewards users with a weekly prize draw in which they can win cash prizes of £1,000, £25 or £5 (or choose an Amazon Gift Code for £5). Alternatively winners can donate their prize to Tengi’s charity partner, the Heart of England Forest. There is a small amount of advertising within the app, and Tengi gives 50% of this revenue away each week as prizes. As more people join Tengi, so the prizes will increase.

    Tengi is taking a completely new approach to mobile apps, by recognising the value of its users to advertisers. However, unlike most other apps that advertise to their user base, Tengi rewards that value. By being completely transparent with its users, it hopes to take on more established and better-known competitors.

    “We recognize that our users are central to our success and we wanted to share the value that they bring to our business,” commented Neil Laycock, Tengi CEO. “We felt it was time for an entirely new approach to the messaging industry. Tengi is about being free, fair and fun, with a strong focus on our consumers. Whilst other apps gain huge value from their users, we are sharing that value and not keeping it for ourselves. By rewarding our users for chatting on Tengi, we give something back.”

    Tengi has been trialling the beta in Yorkshire, where it is based. The successful adoption of the app and positive consumer response to it now means it is ready to be rolled out nationally. Tengi currently has 14,000 monthly active users who have sent 2.8million messages with the app, and it has given away £100,000 in prize money since 2015.

    Robust, simple to install and easy to use, the app features text and multimedia sharing (including images, video and audio), easy access to contacts and group chat with up to 100 friends at once. The app is free to download and Tengi will never charge people for it. In addition, Tengi doesn’t sell users’ personal data nor does it give it way to advertisers.

    User feedback has been very positive from the beta phase, with the app averaging five star reviews on the App Store and four star reviews on Google Play.

    “We have big plans for Tengi,” added Jordon Handley, Tengi’s Head of Customer Acquisition. “We are taking on bigger and more established messenger players in the market because we feel it’s about time that consumers are rewarded for what they love to do on their phones: chat. Why shouldn’t they get a piece of the action?”

    In order to be entered into the prize draw, all users have to do is use the app to get tickets for the draw. They can receive tickets in a variety of ways: they collect eight tickets for each contact in their phone that joins Tengi; two tickets every time a friend wins; one ticket for each day they use Tengi; one ticket for every 15 minutes they spend chatting on Tengi; and one ticket per week for keeping the app installed. In this way, it’s easy for users to acquire tickets for the regular Friday night draws (made at 7pm GMT every week).

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