Friday, June 21, 2024

    New mobile survey services via SMS unveiled by Textlocal

    Textlocal, one of the UK’s leading SMS platforms, has unveiled the latest development in their SMS mobile surveys: Survey Logic.

    The only company to offer such functional survey tools via SMS, the new software further enhances mobile marketing capabilities by offering business the opportunity to gather logic-driven responses from customers.

    The SMS communications company is now able to offer clients the ability to gain the most in-depth customer insights to date through ‘Survey Logic’, allowing businesses to send more complex surveys that are relevant to customers and improving user experience by automatically eradicating any irrelevant questions. Not only will businesses be able to gather feedback from an experience, but will also be able to provide customers with a straightforward means of providing essential information – such as preferred appointment times or dietary requirements.

    The new system allows clients to create surveys and forms that are response-driven to improve end user experience and retain engagement by adding logical conditions and answers to build the most efficient, professional and consumer friendly surveys.

    Each survey can be uniquely and dynamically tailored to each recipient, meaning each respondent is taken down a personalised path by sending the next relevant questions based on their previous responses, a huge development from previous static survey offerings.

    Using the latest software, not only will businesses benefit from sending surveys that are relevant to their customers, therefore building relationships by emphasising the importance of listening to customer opinions; but will also benefit from:

    • An improvement in respondent experience, as customers’ time is not wasted with irrelevant or long-winded questions
    • An improvement in response rates through better user satisfaction
    • The ability to build more complex surveys to capture better quality, more specific information
    • Re-using a single survey in multiple scenarios
    • The ability to qualify respondents out of surveys, based on their answers

    The system also allows for data capture fields with fixed responses, such as single choice drop-downs, multiple choice lists, checkboxes, radio buttons and star ratings.

    Jason Palgrave-Jones, Managing Director at Textlocal, comments: “With the new Survey Logic functionality, brands are able to further develop relationships with their customers by providing them with the most user-friendly SMS mobile survey to date. Not only will businesses be able to gain meaningful insight into the consumer experience, but they will also be able to improve engagement and highlight their value of customer feedback.”

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