Monday, May 20, 2024

    New service turns a smartphone into four separate phones for better work-life balance

    For the millions of people working from home, keeping work and personal comms has never been more difficult. To solve this challenge, mobile app, Cloud SIM has debuted a revolutionary new bit of tech that makes it possible to manage the world’s changing communication needs without having to invest in expensive technology.

    The app allows users to have up to four different numbers on one phone, eliminating the need to juggle different devices. With Cloud SIM all the different parts of life can be kept separate, but still easily accessible on one simple interface.

    Not only is this great news for those who have been forced to work from home during lockdown, but it’s also ideal for anyone who struggles to manage the work/life balance.

    This new form of role based mobile communication gives users total control over their mobile identities, with different profiles for work, freelancing, dating, selling, leisure or travel. Personal numbers are kept completely private, so there’s no need to worry about compromising privacy while using personal phones to make work calls.

    This is also great for those who sell on sites like Ebay, Gumtree and the Faceboook marketplace, removing concerns about having to share private information with strangers.

    The app takes advantage of VoIP technology for crystal clear calling and represents a bold new way forward for the mobile industry. Users can make real calls to international destinations at a low cost, along with much cheaper sms messaging than standard mobile providers offer. This makes Cloud SIM a particularly attractive option for business owners with remote staff.

    And even when Covid-19 is a distant memory, its clever features will still help people manage all the different aspects of their lives more efficiently than before.

    Director of Cloud SIM, Saran Sathiyadurai, explains: In today’s hectic world, many of us have to manage several phone numbers, whether for our business or personal lives. We’re also keen to cut call costs and get the best rates possible. Cloud SIM does both, making it the perfect solution for modern communication, both in the time of a global pandemic and beyond.”

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