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    Nonvoice adds 3 AR Games to portfolio through new partnership, soars past 50 agents and launches VC arm

    The world’s first agency for 5G apps, Nonvoice, has seen a massive surge in app developers looking for representation since opening its doors in July 2019. forwARdgame is the latest developer to be signed to the agency after meeting Nonvoice’s exacting criteria for inclusion in their portfolio.

    As part of the signing, forwARdgame brings not one but three products to Nonvoice portfolio all of which are Active Augmented Reality (AAR) games.

    forwARdgame are experts in researching and developing AAR games. Those games give players an experience of playing in the real world, having unique and realistic interactions, both with the game and other players.

    All of forwARdgame’s games are built with a focus on AAR and a belief that the best redemption to mobile phones having made gamers less active, is to evolve gaming to be active. That is achieved by providing fun, engaging, interactive, healthy games that give players the sense of “playing for real”. The three active AR apps that forwARdgame are bringing to the agency are:

    SPLASHAAR – is an AR game that allows users to control their own monster and paint the world around them. You can splash your opponent with paint and generally make everything messy. The latest Google Anchors also provide a precise shared AR experience and the Depth API ensures ultra low latency for truly immersive game play.

    STACKAAR – is a game that allows you to make your room into a factory where raging robots decide to have a food fight. The game is so realistic that users feel as though they are having a completely real experience in less than three minutes of playing. This also makes the game extremely competitive and fast paced.

    SCOAAR – this game is an overgrown version of Air Hockey. This classic and familiar game is taken to a new level with the power of AR. The incredibly realistic experience of this game results in increased player engagement.

    “Our passion is to make our apps accessible to players around the world and by partnering with Nonvoice we get ourselves a step closer to this goal. We look forward to seeing new users experiencing our games and the active benefits. All of our games have been built on a foundation of popular game styles and integrated with location-based functions and advanced AR for increased stickiness by users,” says Tom Minich, co-founder of forwARdgame.

    Jesse Bijl, Nonvoice’s Netherlands based agent and AR and Mixed Reality expert adds: “the team at forwARdgame understands the immense opportunities that AR presents and have combined this with an ‘active’ element which will benefit the gaming community as a whole. Combining physical activity with mobile gaming offers the best of both worlds in my opinion.”

    Nifty fifty

    Since opening its doors in July 2020 Nonvoice has signed 50 agents worldwide. It was just three weeks ago that the agency reached the 40-agent milestone confirming the view that momentum is increasing dramatically this year.

    The concept of the Nonvoice agency is completely unique. It is supported by a team of freelance agents who are predominately able to facilitate their role with Nonvoice with their existing employment. That gives the team a lot of flexibility as well as use the Nonvoice network of apps and operator relationships to assist with what is required in each of their regions. Local knowledge is power and Nonvoice is committed to eventually having a representative in each country worldwide.

    The fiftieth agent to join is Francois Hannouche from the Middle East who is an expert in chain of supply, International Marketing within the telecommunications industry and International Gateway Group Founder.

    Prior to Hannouche joining, other recent agent signings over the last few weeks have been:

    • Nicolas Bussard – a highly experienced technology entrepreneur, Nicolas is our first agent based in Canada.
    • Simon Earle – UK-based but with a global outlook, Simon brings to the agency 35 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry.
    • Fabio Moraes – from Brazil, Fabio’s knowledge of business development and product strategy has been gained over his 20+ years in the industry.
    • Marlin Nelson – a global player that specializes in international business development with extensive contacts in the telcos and industry wireless professionals.   Marlin is based in the US and is also the CEO and President of International Business Expansion, LLC.
    • Raimondo Anello – Raimondo is our Italian agent who is a member of “Italian Angels for Growth” and specialises in 5G for industries and digital transformation.
    • Rosana Llinas – based in Colombia, Rosana has more than 15 years’ experience in IT and telecommunications with the likes of Siemens, Microsoft and Brightpoint.
    • David Pearce – is a veteran of the mobile industry having worked for Vodafone, Yell, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia.
    • Shaheen Adam – is our Fintech specialist for the Africa region as well as being the managing director of business advisory group, Whiz Biz.
    • Martin Gaiss – another global agent based in the US, Martin has expertise in content and global marketing and is also the founder of MG Labs.

    “Launching something as unique and innovative as the Nonvoice agency was daunting. I knew from my own experience of the industry that there was a need for someone to step to help 5G app developers be successful and for telecommunications operators to have access to the right apps to easily add to their platforms. The test was whether others would welcome our input. I could not be happier with the agency’s success so far and to my peers who have joined from all corners of the globe who have signed up as agents,” says Simon Buckingham, Nonvoice Founder and CEO  .

    Nonvoice Agency also recently launched Nonvoice Ventures, a capital investment fund set up to invest in start-ups with world-class innovative consumer and enterprise 5G and Augmented Reality (AR) apps. With the backing of the Nonvoice Agency, Nonvoice Ventures offers more than traditional venture capital funds by providing the support of a collaborative global community of investment professionals and industry experts.

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