Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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    Nonvoice launches AdCoop a cross-promotional ad network for app developers

    Nonvoice, the agency dedicated to helping 5G app developers, announces today the launch of AdCoop, a specially designed ecosystem for consumer app developers that encourages mutual cross-promotion of apps based on a barter-style system.

    One of the biggest challenges that app developers face is having to build a base of app downloads and installations due to the associated cost of buying ad installations. Since launching in July 2020, Nonvoice has been on a mission to help the world’s best 5G app developers maximize the return on their investment particularly with regards to their innovation costs. AdCoop’s collective approach to this issue is just one of the ways that the Agency is providing help to developers.

    “Imagine one sports app giving some of its ad inventory to promote another app’s sport app   and vice versa,” explains CEO and Founder of Nonvoice, Simon Buckingham. “By working collectively together in this way, both startup apps build their installed base and in turn their audience”.

    The Nonvoice agency currently represents over 25 consumer app developers across a range of genres. All current and new developers will have access to the AdCoop platform and can start cross-promoting each other’s apps from day one. This is just one of many initiatives under development by Nonvoice as they continue to lead the way in the 5G market.

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