Monday, May 27, 2024

    Nonvoice takes on Mixed Reality app XO by Upside

    The Nonvoice Agency, which specialises in representing world class 5G app developers, announces today that it has signed up the innovative XO Mixed Reality multiplayer game designed by digital innovation studio, Upside.

    The game is based on the basic principles of Tic-Tac-Toe (also known as Noughts and Crosses) and enables players to visualize their moves in 3D.

    The XO game has been developed to attract users who are keen to adopt the new 5G and Edge Computing technologies that are starting to rollout on mobile phone devices. These new technologies bring with them higher bandwidth and lower latency which greatly improves the overall user experience for mobile gamers. For example, they will be able to stream high-quality content in real-time therefore reducing the common problems experienced by multi-player game play using mobile and fixed connections.

    XO lets you enter the game via a smartphone or through Augmented Reality (AR) glasses and you start by placing a virtual “anchor” object in the same space where there are other players. Each player takes a turn starting from the anchor object and playing their X’s or O’s until they have a complete row of five to win the game. Players can create rows diagonally, vertically or horizontally and, just like the original game, it is highly addictive!

    “We challenged our team to come up with a user-friendly game that highlighted the advances of 5G and edge computing technologies in the market. The aim was to have something that showcased these advances whilst gaining their attention and ultimately getting them excited about what is coming next. We believe that we have achieved this and more with XO”.

    Nonvoice Agent, Jesse Bijl who is based in the Netherlands and brought Upside into the agency commented: “the team at Upside have pulled together a really cool AR immersive experience for mobile gamers. By utilising a known concept such as Tic Tac Toe, players have an automatic understanding and familiarity that is not always the case with new games. By having this familiarity, we expect the game to be a huge hit with users.

    The Nonvoice Agency considers 2021 to be the year of AR and Mixed Reality. Upside is just one of the developers that they are interested in representing. Once in the agency, developers can increase their awareness via Nonvoice’s relationships with telecommunications partners around the World as well as offering knowledge and expertise to maximise an apps potential. The agency already represents amongst others Leo AR, the leading AR app that enables you to add 3D objects, music, text and stickers to your videos and Bookful, the hugely popular AR children’s app that makes reading fun.

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