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    O2 Germany to offer carrier billing for German Amazon purchases

    Starting next year, O2 users in Germany will be able to use carrier billing to pay for goods on Amazon following a deal between the retailer, Telefonica Deutschland and UK billing company Bango.

    The news comes a month after Bango announced that it was set to power a range of carrier billing based payment services for Deutsche Telekom across a range of apps stores and content services on mobile.

    The move marks a sudden shift in the balance of power in European m-commerce, with Germany taking an unexpected lead in proceedings and showcasing the power of carrier billing for driving impulse purchases of not just digital, but physical goods too.

    Bango signed a deal with Deutsche Telekom in August for the use of carrier billing in Apps Stores. The partnership enables Deutsche Telekom to accelerate DOB deployment, bringing frictionless ‘one click’ payment for apps, music, games and other digital content, to its subscribers across Germany and other European markets.

    The partnership establishes Bango as a strategic partner, powering Deutsche Telekom’s payments across the range of popular app and content stores, including BlackBerry World, Facebook and Mozilla’s Firefox Marketplace. The partnership is significant in its huge reach, and in opening-up several of Deutsche Telekom’s European markets through a single point of integration.

    DOB enables consumers to charge the cost of digital purchases to their mobile bill, in one click, without the need for credit/debit cards, or to register personal details. DOB has emerged as the fast path to monetization for mobile content developers, and most of the world’s leading content ecosystems are racing to adopt it as widely as possible. Bango has emerged as the de facto global leader in DOB, powering many of the world’s largest app stores, including Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play, Windows Phone store and with more than 130 live operator connections.

    Today Bango fulfills a vital strategic role in the app store payments space, connecting an ever-widening group of app stores and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to one-click operator billing. Deutsche Telekom selected Bango because of this leadership in powering payment for app stores, and the partnership is a further endorsement of Bango’s platform approach. As the company that has partnered with most of the giants of mobile, driving operator billing forward on a global basis, Bango is the natural partner as large MNOs seek to harness their billing capabilities in order to drive revenue from digital goods.

    Bango CEO Ray Anderson also explains: “Bango is proud to build on our long-established partnership with Deutsche Telekom. This agreement reaffirms Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to providing the very best, frictionless payment experience, for the largest possible number of subscribers.”
    More recently, Bango has launched one-click carrier billing for Etisalat across 19 countries in the Middle East and Africa, has introduced carrier billing solutions to Indonesia and have brought Facebook into the Payforit community.
    The Bango move stems from a deal signed in January 2013 with Telefonica Digital to partner globally to create an enhanced direct-to-bill payment experience for mobile app stores. The partnership will combine Bango’s frictionless payment experience with Telefónica’s BlueVia Payment APIs, connecting over 314 million chargeable customers worldwide to the Bango Payments Platform.

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