Thursday, April 18, 2024
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    Odine and HORISEN launch SMS and voice strategic partnership for global operators

    Tapping into the convergence of corporate voice and SMS services, two leading, vendor-neutral messaging specialists have announced a partnership to build a better and seamless offering for combined SMS and voice invoicing, billing and reporting capabilities.

    Odine, an award-winning global telecoms partner empowering network transformation through building resilient and software-defined networks of the future, and HORISEN, a multi-award-winning SMS platform provider specialising in delivering feature-rich, vendor-neutral, cutting-edge messaging technology, have finalised a strategic ‘best-of-breed’ alliance for operators globally.

    These two globally trusted organizations will be partnering in order to provide their customers with the synergy of solutions and complementary expert technologies. This collaborative approach will result in Odine’s integration of HORISEN’s solutions for seamless billing, invoicing and reporting capabilities. The partnership will enable flexible contract management, fulfilling demands for swaps, bi-lateral deals, and more agile use of credit, and also it enables a more holistic view of all traffic that encompasses both voice and SMS.

    This alliance represents an important strategic evolution of services that effectively aligns with the changing demands of the market. As traffic trends fluctuate, operators need to adapt to accommodate the growing nature of SMS, encompassing wholesale and A2P, and increasingly dynamic service demands.

    The technological partnership between Odine and HORISEN is truly a best-of-breed technology and service integration, facilitating the management of customers’ resources and their risks. As SMS and Voice markets converge, the collaboration will become increasingly necessary in order to maintain a competitive edge in the global market.

    “Our partnership is about strengthening the strengths and shows a clear commitment from HORISEN and Odine to remain focused on each other’s core competencies. Odine concentrates the full engineering power on developing cutting-edge voice applications and HORISEN does the same for messaging technology. With this best-of-breed approach, customers will always get a modern, and state-of-the-art solution without compromise,” says Fabrizio Salanitri, CEO at HORISEN.

    Nick Cowley, Global Sales Director at Odine further adds: “Best-of-breed and complementary solutions deliver the best in market to operators. As both voice and SMS markets adapt, so do Odine and HORISEN with both companies focused on being the go-to solution provider for operators globally and delivering convergence as market needs evolve.”

    HORISEN, as a messaging software expert will make an excellent partner in this venture, delivering award-winning standards in messaging technology. Additionally, HORISEN’s impressive customer base, including iBASIS, PCCW, DTAG, and many other global players, together with Odine’s expanding international presence and partner ecosystem, that already includes leading telcos such as TNZI, Turkcell, Telin, and Vodafone, will empower the partnership for global operators.

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