Saturday, May 18, 2024

    ONEm unveils global SMS-based membership platform

    ONEm, a global membership-based platform and private network, enabling advanced messaging and voice services via mobile operators to a global membership base without the internet has launched.

    Claiming to present “new revenues for mobile operators from their existing SMS and voice networks, new market reach for internet-based services, developers and content providers and new demand from mobile users, enterprises, the M2M community, Governments and NGOs,” ONEm has been greeted with interest.

    Mobile operators are interested in ONEm’s unique global capability that allows SMS to behave in the same way as internet-based messaging services, yet does not require the internet and is delivered over the core network.

    Not only can subscribers engage in unlimited ONEm in-network communication with other members on a global scale, but a number of exciting applications can be delivered via SMS, bridging the gap between an operator ‘s core network and the Internet.

    Additionally, ONEm met with a number of value added service (VAS) companies, developers, and internet service providers, including Wikipedia. Discussions were opened as to how they can partner with ONEm and use ONEm’s APIs to deliver advanced and smart services from the internet and private data to new audiences beyond the Internet.

    Christopher Richardson, ONEm CEO, explains: “ONEm sees an enormous pool of talent when looking at the Internet. There are many well established and new companies as well as individuals who would be elated to discover that there is a platform that would allow them to reach, theoretically, 4.5 billion users. Mobile operators stand a lot to gain from this pool of talent as the very subscribers that they have are the same people who would love the opportunity to experience a completely new delivery mechanism based on the tried and true voice and SMS portion of their mobile operator.”

    ONEm is able to revitalise the capabilities of SMS and can also monetise this service in a brand new way. A plethora of applications can be triggered and delivered via SMS. The capabilities are endless and there will be a continuous flow of innovative services. These will continue to grow, generating further demand for an operator ‘s ONEm subscription, whilst returning multiple revenue streams.

    The start of new partnerships were created at the event, the fact that the ONEm platform can deliver content to any global subscriber base covered by mobile networks is an attractive proposition. Many mentioned that developing services to be delivered by the ONEm platform is a highly worthwhile proposal. Discussions are continuing on this front in order to expand the ONEm community and ecosystem.

    Many operators across a variety of regions expressed a keen and ready interest in connecting to ONEm’s platform as the revitalisation and monetisation of SMS – with zero investment – presents clear benefits, all of which are increased with early implementation and adoption of ONEm.

    ONEm is a neutral enabler that allows everyone within the chain of players to benefit. The operator and developer incentives will develop as the capabilities and services grow exponentially.

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