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    Online spending trends in the Corona lockdown revealed

    My, how the world has changed in the grip of Coronavirus: following the non-essential travel restrictions, what people are spending has changed dramatically. Digital TV orders and Video On Demand increased by 174% year-on-year, whilst online gaming was up 237%. Fitness product sales were up 53% on the weekend of the 20th March compared to February, with basket value up 42%.

    High street retailers that closed their stores before it was mandatory actually saw a 12% increase in online traffic last weekend.

    And alcohol sales increased by a massive 371% from the week commencing 16th March compared with the previous year, and increased by 300% on Friday 20th, after pubs were forced to close.

    So finds the team at the global affiliate network, which has taken a look into the top online shopping trends that have emerged over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, using data shared by the network’s retail partners.

    In has found that home entertainment has seen a massive uplift in the last month and, following the government announcement on the 16th March that any non-essential travel should be stopped, there was a year-on-year increase of 174% for digital TV orders and Video On Demand, whilst online gaming shot up by 237%.

    Another area that has seen significant growth is the sport and fitness sector; on the weekend of the 20th March, fitness product sales were up 53%, with the average basket value up by 42%. The biggest share of increase was noticed by those retailers specialising in cross trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers and general strength equipment.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was a 6% year-on-year drop in online traffic for department stores and clothing and beauty brands from Friday 20th to Monday 23rd. However, interestingly the brands that decided to close their high street stores before the lockdown actually saw a 12% increase in online traffic during the same period.

    Although there has been a general increase in takeaway orders, the volume hasn’t been that significant. The biggest day so far (Saturday 21st March) was still 23% less than Valentine’s Day (14th February).

    With Britons forced to stay inside and pubs closing their doors, there has been a massive uplift in alcohol orders; there was a 371% year-on-year increase in wine, spirits and tobacco purchases from the week commencing 16th March, with a 300% increase on Friday 20th March alone.

    One particular online pharmacy saw a 159% increase in online orders for condoms, just one day after the announcement that pubs were closing.

    Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for, said: “We are no doubt living in unprecedented times, and there has by necessity been a massive shift in our shopping habits. As appetite for items relevant to isolation increases exponentially, retailers need to adapt and find their place in this ever-changing situation.”

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