Friday, April 19, 2024
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    OpenMarket brings SMS to ecosystem for joined up OTT services

    Interoperable instant messaging and web-calling and internet of things (IoT) solutions are all coming a step closer following messaging company OpenMarket’s announcement that it is to support – an open source project and open standard for interoperable IP-based Messaging and VoIP services.

    As a result, can now provide SMS as a communication channel for developers building interoperable Instant Messaging (IM) for desktop or mobile use, WebRTC calling, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using the Matrix standard.

    To learn more, visit OpenMarket at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, March 2-5, 2015 (stand 8.1D11).

    Globally, SMS reaches over 3 billion mobile users across more than 6 billion mobile devices[1]. In addition, OTT messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line have also seen explosive adoption rates. This collaboration looks to leverage the popularity of OTT with the ubiquity of SMS to enable developers to create seamless communication experiences for consumers and businesses.

    The addition of SMS will allow users of the Matrix standard to message with both Matrix-enabled and non-Matrix-enabled end users, creating an interoperable communications experience. Interactions are managed via Matrix’s open standard API, ensuring one simple interface for all communications.

    The solution will automatically adapt messages to the appropriate format (OTT or SMS) depending on the end user’s preferences and opt-ins, and an SMS response from a non-Matrix end user will be converted back into an instant message for a Matrix end user. is an innovative project designed to provide developers with an open VoIP and IM/OTT standard that can power feature-rich apps that openly interoperate with one another. The growth of OTT messaging apps has created silos that prevent clients of one OTT app from communicating with clients from another app. aims to break down the walls between these silos, a goal further advanced by this new service from OpenMarket. By combining SMS with IM and VoIP, the Matrix standard can act as a common messaging and data synchronization system for the web – allowing people, services and devices to easily communicate with each other.

    “With the breadth and depth of communication channels available to individuals today, any company building an internal or external communication strategy needs to address the fragmentation and interoperability challenges that exist between the existing communication silos,” said Matthew Hodgson,Technical Co-founder of “With this collaboration, we’re breaking down the walls between OTTs and SMS by letting any Matrix developer send and receive SMS using the existing Matrix APIs.”

    “No other communication technology can match the ubiquity of SMS, so we are delighted to fuse our expertise in mobile messaging with the team,” said Jay Emmet, General Manager of OpenMarket. “Our solutions are designed to help enterprise customers break through existing silos that can limit communication effectiveness. This new collaboration allows us to drive this goal even further by removing distinctions between SMS and OTT messaging.”

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