Sunday, May 26, 2024

    OpenMarket launches global SMS dashboards and reporting service for enterprises

    OpenMarket has launched a new Global SMS Dashboards and Reporting Service. Designed to allow enterprise customers to easily measure and track business outcomes and make data-driven decisions, OpenMarket’s web-based reporting service allows enterprises to manage, develop and grow successful SMS messaging programs globally.

    Along with interactive dashboards that provide graphs, geo maps and tables for data visualization, a unique aspect of the Global SMS Dashboards and Reporting Service is its custom reporting capabilities. Non-technical business users can design custom reports with the specific data they need, run the reports according to their own scheduling purposes, and share them with coworkers. This ensures that organizations are aligned by looking at reports based on a centralized source of data.

    “In an era of data-driven decision making, enterprises expect to be able to quickly access, visualize and adjust any of their key business programs, including their SMS messaging campaigns – especially if they are on a global scale,” says Jay Emmet, General Manager at OpenMarket. “Our Dashboards and Reporting Service can be accessed via PC, laptop or tablet, and it lets our customers see results through simple and personalized dashboards. Ultimately, we’re giving enterprises the ability to make well-informed decisions that maximize their business outcomes.”

    A key differentiator with Dashboards and Reporting is its notification service. Report designers can schedule reports to run and then be notified when the reports are available. In addition, reports can be delivered to email, SFTP, and HTTPS destinations in CSV, XML, and JSON formats, giving businesses the flexibility they need to use reports in their existing systems.

    A single connection to OpenMarket’s network gives enterprises access to destinations worldwide—covering billions of mobile users. OpenMarket offers an industry-leading SLA with two-way global SMS messaging to over 80 countries via the broadest set of message originator types: short codes, text-enabled toll-free and local numbers, and alphanumeric sender IDs. Reporting data can be organized by country, mobile operator, or even the message originator used to send and receive messages.

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