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    OPINION Time for telco’s and digital service providers to level up their content offering?

    For years, mobile VAS service providers and advertisers have produced and promoted decent devices. These promotions typically connect to some form of mobile billing, usually with a simple payment journey to monetise the service in the most efficient way. Nilanj Patel, Clipfeed explains

    However, the market is adapting and changing and decent content of course is not always great content.

    Mobile operators requiring change

    With mobile operators now becoming more focused on approving better services across the network, it’s something service providers need to address before they become extinct. Strong words you may say, but this shift is already happening.

    Some of the larger MNO’s in Europe are pushing for services that provide in one word, value. The same services re-branded and re-packaged in the same model has ran it’s course.

    Looking forward, service providers need to regroup and look to a better end to end content proposition.

    Notably the first wave was ringtones, then interactive media, games, VOD and more multipack offers have been operating for the majority of the mobile VAS proposition in recent times.

    What’s next?

    At Clipfeed we are betting on something much more involved, with the starting point and more importantly focal point being the customer. Interactive portals rich in user content and value across some of the largest web areas right now. Focusing on competitive gaming, social gaming and Esports.

    Clipfeed hopes to raise the bar for content destinations and mobile VAS in the future; our focus on these new opportunities will be of interest to most MNO’s who are keen to see this type of content replacing the mediocre current content types. This no slant of that content, again it’s just served its purpose.

    At clipfeed we see 4G, 5G and faster WiFi speeds are going to allow and make content services like this much more rewarding, as the user is interacting with this content at a much deeper level.

    We have had an impressive start, after launch of our GamesGuidz service, a large Asian publisher and advertiser has licensed the platform. GamesGuidz is a unique VAS product that is available for license that provides Esports and gaming live video coaching, with exclusive deals with top gaming stars across popular channels YouTube and Twitch.

    Our other content product and its most published service, Glitch now available for release, has attracted great interest and MNO’s also expressing applause, realising their own customers stay subscribed longer, thus higher ARPU. A win win.

    This is obviously a huge draw to MNO’s who are increasingly focused on customer satisfaction and customer care of their customer base. Quality, low churn content creates confidence and value for both the operators and the customers paying.

    We have been busy, building products that attract, engage, and retain users, ensuring all customers are communicated with across its own platform, including combining social media and gaming channels.

    A core product and value proposition that goes further than the feature vast platform with many exclusive agreements signed with gaming stars who have their own subscribers. By levering each others gaming players the interactivity increases adding value. Such is the interactivity and player activity of the platform, many YouTube streamers are asking to be part of the platform.

    The VAS market is awaking to the realisation of investing in better content and its importance to sustainability.

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