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    Optimising advertising campaign success: an ad operations view

    IMG_0126Successful media campaigns are driven by strong, engaging creative that provide for the best user experience, but reaching the right target audiences paves the way for success Andrew Darling, explains.

    Advertising operations teams play an important role in this process by setting up campaigns, targeting the right people and optimising ongoing campaigns through the analysis of real-time results.

    Having worked on several successful campaigns, I’ve come to realise the following campaign parameters help to ensure the best results.

    Time of day, on the right device
    Consumers engage with multiple devices for different activities throughout the day. Brand marketers need to understand how consumers are using their devices and then reach them when at the best times, when they’re in the right frame of mind to receive brand message.

    For example, on a weekday before working hours, an average professional might be on his mobile phone reading the latest news. Once he gets to the office, he is likely working on the desktop. After work hours, he might be reading entertainment news or playing a mobile game on his train ride home. Late in the evening, he might be watching a soccer game on television before he heads to bed.

    If you push a banner ad with a breakfast coupon to this particular professional on his commute home, he probably wouldn’t engage with it. But reach him on his way to work and it will likely be more successful.

    Marketers also need to consider the most impactful devices to target. Re-targeting ads on desktop browsers might be effective for desk-bound professionals, while reaching business travellers with rich media mobile ads might be deliver the best value.

    Be it housewives, students, high-net worth individuals or whoever else you might be targeting, understanding their activities at different times of day, and the most suitable device on which to reach them, helps increase your success rates.

    Days of the week
    Consumers act differently on weekdays compared to weekends, and brands should seriously consider the best days to share their messages.

    B2B firms advertising their newest enterprise solutions to professionals on Sunday mornings, who might be relaxing or enjoying a weekend brunch, will unlikely see high CTRs.

    Consumers in different countries, and even different cities, often have behaviours and habits unique to their location or culture. It’s important to understand these determining factors before you start targeting campaigns.

    Who they are and how they behave
    The key to good campaign targeting is understanding audience behaviour and habits based on real insights, derived not just from mobile usage and consumer location data. Marketers should look at a more holistic view on a consumer’s habits across their different devices, be it mobile, desktop, tablet.

    Consider this example – a male professional who spends times reading recipes on his desktop and purchases groceries on e-commerce platforms might be inaccurately classified as a stay-at-home husband or wife! But combined with insights to his mobile behaviour, where he might be spending most of the work day in the financial district and every other weekend traveling for business, brands can add an additional layer of intelligence and understanding of their target audience and how they act.

    After the initial targeting parameters have been laid out, ongoing campaign optimisation, based on real-time results, are going to ensure the ads continually reach the right audiences at the best times.

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