Monday, May 27, 2024

    ‘Out of the box’ solution to help brands trial proximity marketing services launched

    Airspace, a proximity engagement and insight specialist, has launched an “out of the box” version of its full suite of solutions for the management and delivery of proximity marketing networks so brands canhave a go at proximity marketing.

    Using Airspace Pilot, brands, retailers and marketers can, for the first time, quickly and cost effectively trial proximity marketing networks with little upfront investment. It is being launched in direct response to demand from brands, marketers and retailers who see the potential in proximity marketing but want a low cost, low risk and easily manageable way to trial the technology.

    Airspace Pilot is available from today and consists of a pre-configured, easy to use, modern set of technologies and services designed to help companies trial the benefits of creating their own proximity marketing networks. With a simple consumer app, suite of beacons and access to Airspace’s cloud-based Control Room management suite, companies can create, optimise and analyse data from a three-month campaign to specially-invited users. Trials can be run in just a few locations or can enable a whole network.

    Targeted at brands, marketers and retailers, Airspace Pilot can be used for a host of different scenarios. For example, fashion retailers could use Airspace Pilot to showcase a new season’s collection, range of products or recommendations from stylists.

    Similarly Airspace Pilot can be used by leisure outlets to promote key events or to up-sell to current visitors. Or a shopping centre could create an event around key shopping times like Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas or a new fashion season. It could be as simple as a ‘treasure hunt’ activity that encourages shoppers to move around the location. The benefits will come from involving brands and learning how their visitors interact.

    The platform provides the same modern, client centric functionality as with all Airspace network services and as well as the provision of beacons, a brandable app and the campaign dashboard, the Pilot package comes with campaign management and administration support and the distribution of the app to the App Store and Google Play. It offers users a customisable look and feel, together with a number of standard templates and workflows, to get brands, marketers and retailers up and running immediately. Delivered from the Cloud, firms only need a browser to access Airspace Pilot, allowing them to manage their networks from anywhere, anytime.

    Airspace CEO, Ian Malone explains: “We developed Airspace Pilot to meet the demand from brands, marketers and retailers looking for a ‘click and go’ set up. The market for proximity marketing solutions is set to grow significantly over the next few years. ABI Research, for example, predict that the number of iBeacon shipments will reach 60 million by 2019 and that a combination of targeted in-store offers, hyper-local search, and in-application advertising will drive $5 billion in revenue. We want to be a part of this growth and see the key to unlocking its potential is by providing cost effective, low risk ways to trial the technology. We are making proximity marketing affordable and accessible for everyone.”

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