Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    Pan-European partnership to help beat telecoms and IoT security fraud threats launched in Belgium

    Last year, telecoms fraud cost the industry €29 billion. In addition to that, cyber-attacks are increasingly targeting service providers and subscriber tracking, call and SMS interception or DDoS attacks have surged.

    In a bid to fight the malicious players bringing misery to telcos, global communications enabler BICS and POST Cyberforce, have today launched a landmark telecoms security solution which looks to safeguard mobile operators’ subscribers, and revenues.

    The partnership combines POST Cyberforce’s expertise protecting critical infrastructure for major European institutions, including the European Parliament, Court of Justice and Investment Bank, with BICS’ suite of fraud prevention solutions and unrivalled position as the largest global roaming provider.

    The solution covers the two essential pillars of mobile networks’ cybersecurity.

    First, is a network vulnerability assessment of the real roaming environment.

    Second is a telecom intrusion detection system, designed with embedded business logic and supported by a regularly updated threat knowledge-base. With proactive infrastructure testing, real-time threat prevention, 24/7 business support and forensic investigations, the offering will help mobile operators to add an additional layer of security to their networks.

    It will also significantly enhance security for IoT devices, which are increasingly reliant on mobile networks for connectivity and have seen a nine-fold increase in attacks year-on-year.

    “Security is a fundamental requirement for our digital economy, and as operators diversify into new markets and look to drive revenue from areas such as A2P messaging and the IoT, securing their networks will become even more critical,” says Jorn Vercamert, VP Communications Solutions at BICS. “We’re proud to be working with POST Luxembourg and its dedicated team, POST Cyberforce, to tackle this pressing issue and enable service providers to enhance security for subscribers and businesses on a global scale.”

    “The combination of POST Luxembourg’s and BICS’ technology and expertise will provide operators with vital intelligence, a suite of proactive and defensive capabilities and unmatched visibility, marking a major step forward in the fight against cyber-crime,” added Mohamed Ourdane, Chief Security Officer, POST Luxembourg.

    The announcement comes at a critical time for mobile operators, whose networks and customers are increasingly coming under siege. Telecoms fraud cost the industry €29 billion in the last year alone, while cyber-attacks are increasingly targeting service providers. Subscriber tracking, call and SMS interception or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have surged, while the attack surface is expanding with new vulnerabilities being discovered and expected in both 4G and 5G networks.

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