Monday, May 20, 2024

    Performance marketer MOBIPIUM launches Traffic Nomads to manage messaging campaigns

    MOBIPIUM, one of the world leaders in performance marketing, has set up a new self-service platform where advertisers can independently create and manage their own campaigns.

    Called Traffic Nomads, the platform allows advertisers to reach new users through push notifications, pop and in-page push traffic which they can buy on CPC model. By the end of November, Traffic Nomads will also add banners, natives and calendar ad formats to their portfolio. Although Traffic Nomads is a self-service platform, the team is committed to offer personalized assistance to their clients in the creation and optimization of the campaigns and ads.

    According to Ricardo Duarte, CEO of MOBIPIUM Group: “The project was created initially as a platform to sell our push notification traffic, but soon we realized there is an increasing demand for new business models(CPC/CPM). Also, the desire to share our team’s passion around media buying, led to the development and creation of Traffic Nomads self-service ad network. The big difference? After 10 years and +100 ad networks tested, we aimed to create the best ad network we ever imagined. We test ourselves all the traffic sources 24/7 with our offers to make sure they deliver quality and conversions. We guarantee each account has experienced campaign managers hand by hand with the advertiser so we get to the goal together”.

    Pedro Neves, project manager of Traffic Nomads, adds: “Traffic Nomads is an intuitive platform, created for all kinds of media buyers and digital marketing agencies. The goal is to continue investing in the latest and best performing ad formats and to offer more intuitive tools to help our clients reach profit faster and seamlessly.”

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