Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Personalise your SMS broadcast messages

    Square1 has added a TAG feature to its Message Squared Broadcast Platform, allowing messages to be personalized – something increasingly in demand from mainstream brands and organisations in their marketing tactics.

    Square1’s Broadcast Manager service is divided into two basic functions: List Compiler and Transmissions.  The List compiler deals with the creation and maintenance of the lists of mobile numbers and the Transmission functions look after the scheduling and sending of messages to those lists.

    Each record within a list can include other information in addition to a user’s mobile number.  The TAG field would traditionally be used to store the name of the person alongside their mobile number. If, within your transmission message, you then insert %TAG when the transmission is sent the target’s name will be inserted into the message.

    For Example within the database we have a record within a list that holds the following fields:

    MSISDN                 TAG

    447966123456, Mr Stephens

    If the Transmission reads “Free Msg: Hello %TAG. Just a quick message to say that St John’s School will be closed today because of the snowy weather” then the message received by the mobile phone would read “Free Msg: Hello Mr Stephens. Just a quick message to say that St John’s School will be closed today because of the snowy weather”.

    The move builds on Square1’s message broadcast system launched earlier this year. Like all message broadcast APIs, The Message Squared Broadcast Manager allows you to compile lists of mobile phone numbers, upload them to a web console and then send text messages out to those lists. In this respect it is the same as other Broadcast Managers available to you.

    However, unlike all other message broadcast platforms, Message Squared uses an API-driven list compiler, so you can automatically add and remove mobile numbers from your lists using its simple API.

    Every time a mobile calls the host’s IVR service, uses host’s existing SMS applications or enters a mobile number onto the company’s website, the company can add them into its lists within the platform.

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