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CFM1100x220 booking stats reveal Android outperforming iPhone for first time

    Outdoor accommodation specialist has released sales figures for January 2015 showing that, for the first time, Android smartphones are outperforming Apple’s iPhone in terms of revenue.

    When comparing revenue generated from smartphone bookings in January 2015, Android smartphones have nudged ahead.

    Of smartphone bookings made in January 2015, Android operating systems made up 48.1% of total revenue, with iOS generating 46.5%. The rest was made up of other operating systems, mostly Windows Phone.

    This is a huge leap from a year ago, when iOS accounted for almost 60% of total revenue from smartphone bookings, with Android making up 40%.

    Although still small, use of the Windows Mobile operating system is growing rapidly. statistics show the Windows Mobile operating system accounted for 1.4% of smartphone revenue in January 2014. A year later, that figure has grown to 4.6%.

    When it comes to bookings made on tablets, iPads still lead the way but other operating systems are fast catching up: iPad’s share of tablet revenue has fallen from 81.2% to 72.3%, with Android growing from 18.3% to 25.6% year-on-year. The boom in 7” Android tablets appears to account for most of this shift. founder Dan Yates says: “We’re keeping a keen eye on the changes in booking habits and it will be interesting to see whether Android smartphone revenue continues to outperform iPhone over the next few months and further into the future.

    “What we are certain about is that customers are becoming more confident about booking on their smartphones and that smartphone usage and ownership is growing, with smartphone bookings hitting 21% of’s overall total in December.

    “Recent statistics from eMarketer show Android’s market share of UK smartphone users rising 3.4 points in 2014, from 49.6% to 53.0%, iOS gaining 1.5 points to 30.5% and Windows Phone 1.7 points to 7.5%. Windows overtook BlackBerry, which lost 4.5 points to end the year at only 6.5%.”

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