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    Post-call advertising for Android apps and games, launched by CIAmedia

    CIAmedia, the company behind the hugely popular Caller Identification App ‘CIA’ has launched Calldorado, an SDK for Android app developers that monetizes incoming and outgoing phone calls with Post Call Ads.

    With up to 70 per cent of all apps monetized by in-app advertising, intrusive ad-units are one of the most popular revenue models. Yet with typical app usage declining over time and consumers only regularly using as few as five apps in any given week this leaves 60 per cent of app developers operating below the theoretical app poverty line, i.e. earning less than $500 per app per month. In-app ad revenues only really reward apps with a user-base in the millions.

    Calldorado provides a direct incremental revenue stream by serving Post Call Ads – the new out-of-app advertising unit that unlike conventional industry practice, serves non-intrusive banner and native ads at the end of a phone call, together with caller ID information. This new way of advertising simultaneously enhances the user experience to any app, by combining additional app features (caller ID) with targeted advertising. The ad that is served is relevant to the user’s call and always shown in connection with caller ID information, e.g. identifying an unknown caller and an option for the user to save, rate or call back with one click.

    As phone calls are still among the top user activities on smartphones (source: GSMA intelligence, Zokem), the opportunity to display contextually relevant Post Call Ads is enormous. With an average of 150 Post Call Ad impressions per-user per-month, Post Call Ads will be adding substantially to the existing ad-impressions that an app may already generate. Developers can forecast their Post Call Ad revenue by simply inserting the number of their current installs in the Calldorado revenue calculator.

    Moreover, the Calldorado SDK works, regardless of whether or not the host app is open or closed. This way even inactive users who have stopped using the app, or rarely use it, can be monetized. Prompting the user with caller ID in the look and feel of the host app stimulates user engagement of the app at the same time.

    A number of established apps including Kim Ariyor?, CIA – Caller Identification AppTM, Das Telefonbuch, Herold, and 11833 CallerID have

    already joined the Calldorado network and are running the Calldorado SDK, benefiting from incremental Post Call Ad revenue as well as an enhanced user experience through caller ID.

    Android developers can sign up for Calldorado for free at In less than one hour developers can customize the user interface, select the type of Post Call Ad screens they want to include in their app, and integrate the SDK in their Android app. The screen displayed to the user after a call is fully customizable to reflect the brand, look and feel of the host app. Install protection ensures that a user who has installed more than one app using the Calldorado SDK will not see Post Call Ads multiple times. The app that was installed first gets the priority to show the Post Call Ad. Developers who adopt the SDK early will clearly benefit from the ‘first install wins’ rule.

    Claudia Dreier-Poepperl, CEO and founder at CIAmedia said: “The Calldorado SDK does three important things: it adds additional incremental revenue in a way that is unobtrusive, it wakes up apps that are experiencing declining engagement levels and enhances the user experience by including useful caller ID information, regardless of whether that app is a torch, a game, a social network or a utility.”

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