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    PREDICTIONS 2023 Nine text marketing trends to watch in 2023

    As we anticipate the end of 2022, customer demands are changing. There is a desire for instant and personal communication with brands they patronise and businesses are on their toes to provide ingenious ways to connect and retain customer loyalty.

    SMS has now become the go-to channel for businesses to reach their customers with a proven open rate of 97% when compared to other channels. Many brands are finding new ways to utilize SMS to improve their overall customer experience, and marketing campaigns and the technology itself are constantly evolving.

    It might be worth stating again that SMS will continue to grow in popularity and consumers will get more texts than ever before and more businesses are attempting to develop a more direct relationship with their customers by employing bulk SMS providers and adopting SMS marketing.

    So let’s get this show on the road. We will explore rising SMS trends you should keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond.

    1. Your customers want you to talk to them

    Text messaging is not only successful from a marketing standpoint, but according to Techjury, 75% of customers prefer to receive marketing offers via SMS.

    Being able to interact with a brand and getting offers from your brand via text is fast and easy and it paves the way for better brand-customer relationships and transactions.

    Kissmetrics founder, Hiten Shah sends a roundup of his favorite posts on content that include marketing, sales, and growth. Shah gives his readers content without them having to search for it online and he helps them do better, which adds a lot of value to his customers.

    1. Growth of transactional SMS updates

    More Customers are choosing SMS for receiving purchase/order updates and brands can provide instant value through updates regarding the purchase order such as confirmation and shipping/delivery notifications.

    And with this, it gives businesses a chance to cross-sell and up-sell for future orders while customers are already engaged. Wonderment CEO, Jess Meher noted that more consumers will opt into SMS as a way of getting real-time updates, versus email with features such as pay-over-text becoming more commonplace.

    1. Using text messaging for customer retention

    Retention is the new conversion strategy. More businesses are focused now on keeping existing customers. According to Forbes, this is the number one reason why spending on loyalty and retention marketing will increase by up to 30% next year.

    You can use SMS to send links that offer your customers special discounts that would encourage them to keep patronizing your business like Netflix does whenever a customer tries to cancel their subscription due to unplanned billing. They give the customer a free month to enjoy their platform and reconsider.

    1. More SMS Personalization through IoT

    According to SmarterHQ, customers say they only engage with marketing messages that are tailored to their interests.

    So, as a brand in today’s world, you are expected to do more than shout sales pitches at your target audience. You need to forge a personal connection and remember who the customer is, what they like, what they think, and what they want.

    “SMS can become more personalized and location-specified due to the data insights that smart IoT devices collect.” – Nassai Skoulikariti.

    The personalization does not stop at the customer’s end too, brands are also expected to customize their messaging and make it unique to them with tools such as URL shortener.

    1. Conversational SMS messages

    Conversational messaging is having one-to-one conversations with your customers in real-time to build personal connections and drive engagement.

    Using conversational SMS may reduce your operational expenses by up to 30% and it is so reliable, ThoughtSpot saw 10x more sales conversations, 70% more marketing-qualified leads, and 64% more meetings booked.

    1. SMS Automation

    Brands are starting to realize that they can employ the same tactics used in email marketing to SMS by integrating with the right omnichannel communication platform and we expect to see more brands taking advantage of different text marketing automation strategies available.

    These automated text messages will come in the form of reminder SMS, appointment confirmation texts, order tracking SMS, and so much more.

    1. Growth through promotions, sales, and offers

    SMS is quickly becoming a popular marketing medium as it boasts of a whopping 14% conversion rate and that is great for generating revenue through sales.

    Text messaging can be integrated into your marketing strategy in a lot of ways. You could use SMS to send tips and bite-sized content that your customers love and respond to.

    You can also keep your customers loyal to your brand by offering them special discounts and promotions based on their shopping history and preferences.

    1. Eventual preference of SMS as the prime customer service channel

    Customer service is crucial to the success of your marketing department. It helps to ensure that you deliver on your brand promise. More than 50% of smartphone users prefer texting customer service reps to make phone calls, according to Gartner, and it is becoming more mainstream.

    A few customer service functions include:

    • Payment confirmations and purchase receipts.
    • Item delivery tracking information
    • Scheduling appointments and sending appointment reminders
    • Getting feedback on your processes, products, and services
    • Customers with a phone can text your customer support to resolve issues quickly and this can boost customer confidence.
    1. Blanket adoption of SMS

    With global mobile business message value projected to reach $78 billion by 2027, according to a principal analyst at Juniper, Scarlet Woodford, a report predicts consumers will get more texts than ever before and it is worth stating again that SMS will continue to grow in popularity among small and medium-sized businesses including a growing interest in the adoption of CPaaS solutions.

    It will be integrated with other marketing channels, so we will be seeing more text message newsletters with links embedded and SMS combined with social media marketing in a few years.

    Messaging will be the next phase of ecommerce

    SMS is becoming increasingly popular and will reach new heights in the future and it will be an essential component of your brand’s overall marketing and sales objectives.

    As SMS continues to evolve, it will have the power to become an entirely shoppable experience; everything a customer can do on an E-commerce website will be achievable via text.

    Real-time person-to-person messaging will become the benchmark and it’s in your brand’s best interest to get started now with the BSG platform so you don’t miss out.

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