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    Prepare for drop in rankings if your site isn’t mobile optimised, warns Google

    From 21 April websites that are not mobile optimised could see a decline in rankings as Google introduces a much anticipated change to its algorithm.

    Google made the first steps starting in the Fall of 2014 with their initiative “Mobile Friendly.” Google described which criteria should be fulfilled for mobile sites to be considered satisfactory. The search giant is now taking their initiative to the next level.

    Starting on April 21st, sites with poor mobile usability will decline in the search ranking results. It is important to optimize mobile performance and usability and to pay special attention to the fact that the mobile content and services are consistent with that of the desktop website. Those companies without a mobile presence also need to act promptly.

    A drop in the rankings will be issued to those sites providing the desktop website for smart phone and tablet users. The worst case scenario is that companies and their products will no longer be found on the first page of Google’s search results.

    According to Google, a new algorithm will be released on April 21st, which will serve as a deadline and major turning point for all companies with an online presence. Basically, you until April 21st to find a solution for meeting Google’s criteria and go mobile friendly.

    The move could be a boon for adaptive and responsive web tech providers as many retailers and other sites simply aren’t mobile optimised yet. The move by Google was first mooted back in November 2014 when the company issued Mobile Friendly labels off the back of experiments with its algo. Now it has the algo ready to roll out.

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