Saturday, May 18, 2024

    Protecting content and VAS from fraud

    While the carrier billing and content markets boom, there is a balance to be struck between offering good VAS content and services that are safe and secure and having a checkout flow that is easy to use. Carriers are constantly adding or removing steps from VAS sign up flows and it can be hard to find the perfect balance.

    But now there is an out of the box solution: VENE Overwatch – a monitoring and protection software solution from Freenet Digital in Germany. VENE detects and blocks fraudulent practices and scams that can trick carrier customers into making fraudulent practices.

    Simply integrated into the back end, it quickly and easily shows you which content providers are responsible for any form of check-out fraud on a clear and easy to use dashboard. This way you can block them or remove them.

    “The VENE family builds upon a common platform that is unique in today’s market and, for the first time ever, advertising partners, mobile carriers and compliance agencies can share a common platform,” explains Freenet Digital’s Matthias Kirsch. “They use the same data to manage business and grow profits. They work together to limit fraud and establish new products.”

    According to Kirsch, successfully battling fraud, because any content provider or network that succeeds in limiting fraud will experience sustainable and fast growth in revenues, is now a top priority in the content business.

    “Top-notch marketing management is also essential,” he says. “Optimise every aspect of your media campaign to create profit even in low-margin markets. VENE dash is the tool to manage all details of your marketing effort.”

    The tool also helps users create new and better content – and so create real desire for content and high usage by providing high-end content, says Kirsch, “and [our]OJOM is a solution bundling well-known brands with subscription-based content.”

    The biggest opportunities lie all over the world, stresses Kirsch. “Africa, because it’s big, largely untouched and has a high mobile phone penetration; Western Europe, because everything comes in waves and careful management of your mobile content offer will always allow good profits there.”


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