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Telemedia Magazine

Telemedia Magazine is for any business that wishes to engage and commercialize “connected consumers” using mobile devices to respond or interact with value added services, premium content and applications.  We report on how carrier billing and other alternative payment platforms continue to evolve and, in partnership with Service Providers and Aggregators – form part of the “Telemedia” value chain which is typically underpinned by minutes, messages and traffic. Published in print and online; essential reading for Merchants, Media and Content Owners – who  want seamless micropayment solutions and engagement tools; that can immediately convert sales across the globally expanding range of Media, Affiliate and Advertising networks.
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Telemedia Magazine – Issue 50


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In this issue:

  • Is freemium dead – and is micropayment going to take its place?
  • Carrier billing drives engagement across VAS in the real world
  • Money back guarantee
  • Why telcos are well positioned to respond to the challenges of GDPR
  • Messaging: the heart of VAS delivery
  • Protecting content and VAS from fraud
  • Growth and creativity in the messaging sector
  • Engagement is the name of the game – and we are the engagement industry
  • Loyalty, engagement and reward in the cryptocurrency era
  • Managing crypto regulation
  • What programmatic models mean for the digital industry
  • Alternative ways to drive business with affiliate marketing
  • Malware APKs Attack on Mobile Advertising
  • Digital marketing trends 2019
  • World Telemedia 2018 preview
  • Number cruncher
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