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Telemedia Magazine / Charge to Mobile Review

Telemedia Magazine & Charge To Mobile Review are for any business that wishes to engage and commercialize “connected consumers” using mobile devices to respond or interact with value added services, premium content and applications.  We report on how carrier billing and other alternative payment platforms continue to evolve and, in partnership with Service Providers and Aggregators – form part of the “Telemedia” value chain which is typically underpinned by minutes, messages and traffic. Published in print and online; essential reading for Merchants, Media and Content Owners – who  want seamless micropayment solutions and engagement tools; that can immediately convert sales across the globally expanding range of Media, Affiliate and Advertising networks.
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Charge 2 Mobile Review featuring Telemedia Magazine – Issue 48


In this issue:

Charge To Mobile Review

  • Carrier billing’s new dawn
  • Hot markets: carrier billing and telemedia goes global
  • PSD2: The good, the bad and the fragmented
  • Beep, Beep: here comes mobile motoring
  • Hot ticket (mobile ticketing)
  • Worlds colliding
    Where telemedia meets cryptocurrencies
  • Hold the front page!
    Time for publishers to wake up to mobile carrier billing
  • Telecoms regulatory outlook 2018 and beyond

Telemedia Magazine

  • From the editor
    Welcome to the nexus of carrier billing and the ‘attention economy’
  • Working on the Blockchain gang
    How distributed ledgers can simplify telephony – and more
  • Viewers rewarded in blockchained crypto-tokens as the ‘attention economy’ comes to adult
  • Isolate the cause or eradicate the effect?
  • Mobile ad fraud: the silent commerce killer
  • Number cruncher
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