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Telemedia Magazine

Telemedia Magazine is for any business that wishes to engage and commercialize “connected consumers” using mobile devices to respond or interact with value added services, premium content and applications.  We report on how carrier billing and other alternative payment platforms continue to evolve and, in partnership with Service Providers and Aggregators – form part of the “Telemedia” value chain which is typically underpinned by minutes, messages and traffic. Published in print and online; essential reading for Merchants, Media and Content Owners – who  want seamless micropayment solutions and engagement tools; that can immediately convert sales across the globally expanding range of Media, Affiliate and Advertising networks.
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Telemedia Magazine – Issue 65


Telemedia Magazine Issue 62
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Issue 65 features include:

Trillion-dollar baby?
We look at how messaging is set to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030 and how the telemedia industry is going to get it there, including a look at:

  • Getting carrier buy in – How to show carriers that messaging is more than just 1% of their business
  • Value is key – How messaging needs to be driven now by the value it brings not MNO commodity pricing
  • Voice in the mix – How more young people are now sending voice messages and what that means for messaging services, pricing and CPaaS

RCS – ready to rumble?
RCS is gathering pace, with a growing number of operators offering it and more brands starting to use it, so how do you sell it to businesses, how do you price it, and can it ever become SMS 2.0?

Marketing in the messaging world
The latest developments in affiliate marketing in VAS, and how DCB, RCS and affiliate marketing come together to offer a perfect storm

Carrier buy in
CPaaS is increasingly vital to all businesses, but what is the opportunity for carriers? We look at how CPaaS could be their magic silver bullet.

CPaaS the perfect CX
Imimobile outlines how to use CPaaS to create the perfect CX for any business.

Securing DCB
Evina looks at how to create the most secure DCB services globally and why that is good for carriers, aggregators and businesses

PSD2 – has it worked?
We look at how PSD2 has bedded in one year on and how that has impacted payments and payment security

Trends in telecoms
F5 Networks outlines the 5 Major Telco Trends that should be on everyone’s radar

Voices across the world
GMInsights assesses the International Wholesale Voice Carrier market and what opportunities it reveals

5G: more than just speed
DOCOMO looks at how 5G is so much more than just a faster network – as well as being the crucible for a payments revolution

What’s hot in VAS
The latest services that are getting all the attention in the content and VAS markets

How CSPs need to shift to the cloud
Netcracker looks at how migrating BSS/OSS to the cloud brings a range of strategic benefits – and some challenges – to CSPs

Consumers want the metaverse and are going to want to engage with brands therein… how can you start to plan for that? MEF explains

This scam ain’t big enough for the both of us
We look at the metaverse scams that are out there and what steps are being taken to make the virtual world safe


  • All the latest news, views and opinions from across the global telemedia industry

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