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    Quality and quantity

    Creating an all-encompassing mVAS model that can build quality and quantity seems like a marketer’s dream, but as Paul Skeldon discovers, MediaXO is doing just that

    What successful mVAS business wouldn’t want to build its own spider web of marketing, content and traffic? But making it happen is surprisingly challenging until you change your mindset.

    Nir Weissman, business development director at MediaXO – a global company which brings together affiliates, media buyers, networks and website/app owners, believes the industry needs to find a better way to connect all these pieces and allow business to generate quality and quantity.

    “Right now, the idea is to build a company that will be kind of an umbrella, or like a spider web, that connects everybody in the industry.” he says. “We want to give added value to all our partners, not only with content, but also with quality traffic.”

    To the edge

    To do this, Weissman and his team have shifted their focus from operating in the middle of things to tackling the edges.

    The company brings together the network of affiliates, direct advertisers, media owners, site owners and content creators from around the globe, adds all the other services that the market needs – such as payment services, for example – and provides a complete service.

    The company started as an affiliate network and went on to be a direct advertiser as well with their own services around the world.

    Now it gets traffic from the biggest DSPs or platforms such as Google, Facebook and Tik Tok.

    The advantage, believes Weissman, is that it gives a much more holistic approach for the market. “What we find is people are focusing only on one thing and they have no idea what’s going on on the other side,” he says.

    “For example, advertisers don’t know how to get good quality of traffic and the affiliates, or the publishers don’t know how to get the good campaigns, or the good connections. And this is where we come into the picture.”

    Quantity and quality

    So, MediaXO’s plan is to create this spider web that will connect it all together, but its ambition is to do the extraordinary: to deliver quality and quantity.

    “The biggest challenge [for]the industry is to get quality traffic, but with the mass volume, right?” he says. “When you increase the volume, the quality usually goes down in every vertical and on every market that you will see. Whenever you mass produce anything, the quality will be a bit lower every time.”

    Joining the dots

    According to Weissman: “The dots are there, you just need to connect them – and so we’re trying to connect those dots,” he says. “So, we start with ourselves. We focus on ourselves: We try, we make mistakes, we learn and after that we go outside and provide this knowledge for our partners. We like to call them ‘friends and family’ because this is how we see each and every one of them.

    “The key to this has been looking to not only make these connections, but to also keeping in mind what the audience wants from the content”, he adds.

    “Try to put yourself in the position [of the consumer]. Imagine you have a sports service. What will your audience be? No matter if it’s cooking, yoga and so on – basically, what is the audience and what do they feel when they get the service,” he adds.

    “Again, everything is about trying all the time. Trying, failing, learning, making it better, and succeeding. All the time we try, we try and I can tell you that the team is working days and nights sometimes. And just by not giving up we make it better.”


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