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    RCS WORLD 2023 Great read rates and high conversions: is RCS starting to find its market?

    RCS (rich communications service) – also known as rich business messaging (RBM) has been floating around looking for its big break for almost a decade. Now its time may finally have come. At the MEF’s RCS World in Paris this week, speakers lined up to finally deliver some examples of how RCS is working in various markets around the world. Here’s what they said. 

    Learn more about RCS and all forms of messaging and engagement at World Telemedia Marbella 9-10 October

    Out There Media, a global leader in Rich Messaging (RCS), released the results of the latest Rich Messaging campaigns that it designed and implemented for some of the most popular brands in the world.

    The campaign case studies released included one for Budweiser in South Africa, designed to strengthen the brand’s profile as a sponsor of FIFA, coinciding with the World Cup. The campaign targeted male football fans over 20 years of age and recorded a read rate of 47%, a first response rate of 27% and a conversion rate of 34%.

    A highly creative campaign that was rolled out in Greece for premium mixer brand Fever Tree, a sponsor of the Greek Tennis League, targeted tennis league members and aimed at keeping them up to date with all league games and announcements, while raising the sponsor’s profile. At the completion of the campaign, read rate was 77%, first response rate was 18% and conversion rate was 11%.

    The campaign for Huggies, the disposable nappies and baby wipes brand of Kimberly-Clark, was designed to promote the two products to 25-44 year old females in South Africa. The results were a read rate of 60%, a first response rate of 8% and a conversion rate of 10%.

    Finally, a campaign for First Quality Yachts targeted high net worth income individuals across Greece, South Africa, Nigeria and Mexico, in order to promote luxury yacht brands Azimut and Hanse, as well as its participation at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The campaign registered a read rate of 75% and a conversion rate of 10%.

    All the above were unveiled by Kerstin Trikalitis, co-founder and CEO of Out There Media, at RCS World in Paris, where she moderated a panel entitled: “RCS as a Digital Marketing Channel”. Trikalitis is a frequent speaker at industry events, as she is always keen to share knowledge, experience and the latest trends and developments from all the markets across the globe where Out There Media is revolutionising the digital media sector with Rich Messaging.

    At the conclusion of RCS World Paris, Kerstin Trikalitis comments: “Rich Messaging revolutionizes digital advertising and transforms it into a powerful, engaging and measurable tool for brands and advertisers who want to reach highly targeted audiences and to engage them by offering them a truly immersive experience. We are delighted that some of the world’s most iconic brands trust Out There Media and work with us to design and implement Rich Messaging campaigns that produce results never before imagined across the advertising sector. It was my pleasure to share such a positive and powerful message about the adoption of Rich Messaging globally today at RCS World Paris, using our campaign case studies as examples, and I am very happy with the feedback that I received from the audience”.

    Learn more about RCS and all forms of messaging and engagement at World Telemedia Marbella 9-10 October

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