Friday, May 24, 2024

    Reality Gaming Group becomes Reality+ – and styles itself as an ‘essential web 3.0 platform for brands’

    Reality Gaming Group has rebranded itself as Reality+ is a full-service Web 3.0 platform that enables brands around the world, including the likes of the BBC and ITV Studios, to utilise blockchain technology and NFTs to engage their most loyal fans.

    Reality+ will open new ways for brands to engage with their fans and unlock new revenue streams using Web 3.0, blockchain, NFT and metaverse technology, in addition to giving those fans more rights, power, and control over digital goods.

    The company already has a proven track record in the games and blockchain entertainment space as Reality Gaming Group, developing and managing experiences on behalf of the BBC (Doctor Who: Worlds Apart) and ITV Studios (Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club).

    Now rebranded as Reality+, it will offer a full-service Web 3.0 platform that enables brands around the world to utilise blockchain technology in what is a new and dynamic market.

    Its UK and Denmark based, in-house development studio, which has a five-year track record creating engaging experiences, is now focused on helping global brands develop and deliver their go-to-market blockchain strategies.

    The development offering is backed up by a powerful technology platform and world-leading expertise in all aspects of Web 3.0, including tokenisation, metaverse integration and construction, NFT marketplace deployment and more.

    Reality+ has grouped its operations into four distinct but complementary divisions: Web 3.0, Metaverse, Blockchain Games and NFTs. Each division is united around a single core mission: that through demonstrating utility, quality, and variety in digital assets, we can build a more equal and democratic digital economy for everyone.

    Reality+ is currently building out its international reach as it seeks global opportunities, following a significant ramping of its leadership and development teams in 2021 and 2022.

    The company has also confirmed the appointment of Katherine Taylor-Jones as CFO. Taylor-Jones is a highly experienced CFO specialising in PE/VC backed, fast pace, high growth companies in the tech sector, leading them through growth. In addition, the company has appointed Mark Hojgaard, CEO of Coinifi, and and Hans Henrik, COO of Coinify, to bolster its board and help Reality+ reach new verticals and markets.

    Crucially, all Reality+ projects are managed using its own ‘side-chain’ of the Ethereum mainnet. This enables the creation of environmentally friendly Web 3.0, blockchain and NFT experiences that offer substantial reductions in the amount of energy used to produce and trade digital collectibles. Reality+ also ensures ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) KPIs are tracked and reported for each of its projects, giving brand partners absolute peace of mind across all their Web 3.0 projects.

    Reality+ Co-Founder and CEO Morten Rongaard says: “Web 3.0 moves fast, and we’re moving along with it. We’re happy to announce that Reality Gaming Group has rebranded to Reality+. This isn’t just a name change and new corporate colours. Reality+ represents a big step towards our plans for a connected future. We’re no longer just a blockchain gaming company. We’re a full-service Web 3.0 platform where the metaverse, NFTs and online collectible marketplaces combine to give you and your customers access to a new, community-led digital future.

    Reality+ Co-Founder Tony Pearce adds: “We believe that through demonstrating utility, quality, and variety in our projects and partnerships, we can build a more equal and democratic digital economy for everyone. From introducing Doctor Who to the potential of digital ownership to launching a brand-new Web 3.0 Thunderbirds project to a whole new generation of fans, we’re helping worldwide brands find their voice in our new, connected world.”

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