Saturday, July 20, 2024
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    Contactless & Cashless Donations The options for Charities

    Since its inception, Supported Giving have been keen to listen to what charities need help with – addressing these requirements where we can. Starting with our key objective to help charities drive more cashless donations, it became clear last year that a number of small to medium sized charities, in particular, were keen to take a closer look at cashless donation solutions.

    Help was needed to assess the various options before they proceeded to add cashless solutions as part of their range of donation options. We started to look at the range of terminal providers and thought it would be useful to compile an independent overview, summarised in this whitepaper, of the various options that a charity might consider. We then took a look at some charities who had already taken the plunge by going cashless.

    So here it is – we hope that you find it useful!

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