Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Virtual Numbers Explained

    Welcome to the new ERA of a mature and still fast-growing Telco service.

    Virtual Numbers: the previous years “follow me” service, nowadays consist one of the most powerful service. The Virtual Numbers are the cause of the creation of new business opportunities that led to new markets, and new working ways and habits.

    The tool previously used for 1 Way Voice purposes exclusively, today is ready, mature and able to work as a 2Way Communication service for fixed and mobile as well.

    In MoreThan160’s latest whitepaper, “Virtual Numbers Explained” sponsored by the Global Virtual Number provider Tel Q Global, you will explore the unknown world of Virtual Numbers. What they are, how they can be used, who’s need it, how extent the coverage is nowadays, what are the advantages and the disadvantages.

    What’s inside:

    1. Author’s Intro – Prologue
    2. The VoIP Revolution (intro to Virtual Numbers)
    3. What does virtual number mean?
    4. How does a virtual number work?
    5. What are the kinds of virtual numbers?
    6. How to Use a Virtual Phone Number
    7. What are the benefits of a virtual phone number?
    8. What are the disadvantages?
    9. How wide is the Virtual Number Coverage?
    10. How Virtual Numbers contribute to CPaaS Platforms?
    11. How to get a virtual phone number?
    12. Virtual Numbers DO’S & DON’TS

    Download the “Virtual Numbers Explained” free whitepaper here https://cutt.ly/telemedia and explore all about this multimillion dollars telco service.


    Tel Q Global is a hub for all kinds of global virtual numbers focused on meeting cloud communication requirements of international businesses, telcos & CPaaS platforms.

    The company provides Local numbers, Mobile numbers, Toll-Free numbers, Universal toll-free numbers, Two way Voice numbers & Two way SMS numbers for more than 150 unique countries and specializes in offering numbers for some very hard-to-reach geographies.

    With network PoPs across the US, Europe & Asia, Tel Q Global is interconnected with the incumbent or local telco in almost every country. The company has established a solid reputation by handling millions of voice & SMS traffic for various customers with sensitive applications related to conferencing, customer support, e-commerce, android applications, and more!

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