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Reports & White Papers

Unravelling Carrier Billing

A series of white papers designed to “explode” the myths and make the case for deploying carrier billing and related telemedia services across a range of key vertical markets.

As the only recognised source of data, news and expertise in this sector, Telemedia Online can be trusted to clearly explain how carrier billing and mobile engagement strategies will encourage consumers to access premium digital content, services and applications - quickly, easily and more profitably than ever before.

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Telemedia Mythbuster
Unravelling Carrier Billing: iGaming

Drawing on the expertise and experience of leading international providers and operators, this report provides a blueprint for developing a robust and successful mobile payment and engagement strategy. It outlines the scale and structure of the mobile gambling market and the potential impact of comparative payment solutions on conversion rates.

The report goes on to provide a clear outline of how carrier billing works from a user perspective and covers commercial implementation and cost / benefit analysis for the operator. It highlights the key issues surrounding compliance, regulation, and security then concludes with several clearly defined case studies and an essential glossary.

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Cap Gemini's OTT Streaming Wars: Raise or Fold

Consumer behaviour has shifted dramatically in 2020, with engagement increasing online and over the phone. Having the right data and insights on consumers has never been more pivotal to measuring and optimizing your digital marketing campaigns.

Do you have the marketing data you need to not only survive, but thrive, in 2021?

Get your copy of this new Forrester report to learn what first-party data marketers say will help them beat their competition, increase ROI, and grow revenue in 2021.

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Securing A2P SMS Business Messaging

Analysis, use cases and recommendations when using SMS for Two Factor Authentication

As business communications evolve, SMS remains a trusted business messaging channel due to its ubiquity, reliability and effectiveness for driving customer engagement. It continues to enjoy robust growth particularly for sending of One Time Passwords to support Two Factor Authentication.

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Direct Carrier Billing: Mitigating Impact of COVID-19

The new study, Direct Carrier Billing: Market Outlook, Emerging Opportunities & Forecasts 2020-2025, argued that convenience of combining monthly subscription costs into a user’s monthly cellular subscription will be a key growth driver for carrier billing over the next 5 years. The report recommends that carrier billing vendors should focus on expanding their partnerships with digital service providers; enabling consumers to pay via carrier billing, capitalising on the growing trend of monetisation via subscription.

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MEF’s RCS Business Messaging Best Practices Guidelines

Developed by participants of MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme the RCS Business Messaging Best Practices Guidelines aim to help accelerate the adoption of RCS for application-to-person (A2P) and person-to-application (P2A) messaging.

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What's Up WhatsApp? Trends for Messaging in 2020

What’s Up, WhatsApp? Trends for Messaging in 2020, assesses key trends impacting the mobile messaging market in 2020 on technologies including SMS, RCS, and OTT messaging services. Also included are forecasts for the total number of A2P SMS messages delivered in 2020.

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MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide 2020

MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide 2020 published in association with Syniverse explores the growth of business messaging via a series of interviews and case studies to showcase how messaging continues to evolve and enable better customer engagement.

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Celebrating 20 years of success

2020 sees Awin reach a major milestone. Twenty years as one of the world’s most successful affiliate networks. That storied history is chronicled in the new edition of the Awin Report You’ll discover the major affiliate trends Awin’s global network has tracked over the last 20 years, a wide selection of campaign case studies, thought pieces from key industry figures on a range of pertinent topics and themes including personalization, bridging the online-to-offline gap in retail, and the increasing adoption of affiliate marketing by media house publishers, industry trends and predictions. Woven throughout this content are a selection of views from some of Awin’s alumni, past employees who have played a pivotal role in where we are now. With many having since gone onto prominent roles across the digital advertising space including Facebook, ASOS, Verizon, and HP, they share their thoughts on the strengths of the channel.

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7 businesses areas that have become more investable during the pandemic

This is not an investment strategy in stocks and shares – there is plenty of coverage elsewhere on that subject. These are areas where a new business could be established, an existing business developed, or an investment made, that could see substantial growth. There are also some observations, statistics, quotes, references to further information.

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Contactless & Cashless Donations
The options for Charities

Since its inception, Supported Giving have been keen to listen to what charities need help with - addressing these requirements where we can. Starting with our key objective to help charities drive more cashless donations, it became clear last year that a number of small to medium sized charities, in particular, were keen to take a closer look at cashless donation solutions.

Help was needed to assess the various options before they proceeded to add cashless solutions as part of their range of donation options. We started to look at the range of terminal providers and thought it would be useful to compile an independent overview, summarised in this whitepaper, of the various options that a charity might consider. We then took a look at some charities who had already taken the plunge by going cashless.

So here it is - we hope that you find it useful!

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The State of Mobile in 2020: How to win on Mobile
A Report from App Annie

2019 shattered mobile records. Read the industry’s leading report on the State of Mobile in 2020 to uncover the insights you need to succeed. Mobile has completely transformed the way we order food, buy groceries, book trips, stream content, game, and shop — making our lives easier every day and transforming nearly every industry in the process. It is a vital channel for interacting with consumers, and companies that succeed in mobile are reaping financial rewards.

As the leading mobile data and analytics company helping brands and publishers win on mobile, App Annie are excited to share The State of Mobile 2020 report. This annual appraisal provides insight into mobile’s expansive impact across industries and the global economy, highlighting publishers and brands that are outperforming their peers.

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eSports & Let’s Plays
3 Strategies Brands Must Adopt

Juniper Research’s eSports, Let’s Play & Watch Play research provides the most comprehensive and progressive analysis of this expanding market available today. It enables industry stakeholders to understand key market disruptions and leading players shaping sector growth, accompanied by an in-depth market sizing and forecast analysis.

This research provides new insights into the eSports & Games Streaming market, including the key challenges, opportunities and growth potential for:

  • The eSports Market - the competitive playing of video games, often for real money.
  • The ‘Let’s Play’ Sector - commentary and tutorials on streams of casual video gameplay.
  • The Watch Play Sector - where broadcasters stream video gameplay as it happens.

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3 Takeaways from the Booming Chinese Digital Games Market

Over the past 3-4 years there has been a shift in popularity of certain game types. This has been the result of newer, emerging formats which have then developed in global phenomena.

Many of these game types have also had links to the world of eSports (the competitive playing of video games) further enhancing their appeal to players and developers alike.

We list some of the most disruptive formats in this whitepaper.

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Understanding the Digital Ecosystem in Latin America

Latin America is poised to be the next great telecoms and ecommerce market, according to a white paper published by DOCOMO – which outlines the growth potential by country, as well as what opportunities it presents. Drawing on third party research to understand the whole digital ecosystem across the region, the report drills into each country’s own markets and opportunities.

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Middle East’s Digital Ecosystem

The Middle East has witnessed rapid advances in technology in recent times which has led to rapid economic growth, industrial production and the birth of a considerable mobile consumer base. As a result the mobile telecom sector is booming. The latest report from DOCOMO Digital says that the total number of mobile subscriptions in the Middle East increased by 8 million in 2018 to reach 304.5 million. And in this time, the total number of internet users in the region increased by 18 million to 182 million.

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