Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Research reveals 91% of UK Mobile users will use mobile payments in 2015

    More than 31 million UK mobile users – 92% of all users – will make payments with their mobile device in 2015, finds research by Oxygen8. A further 24% of users said their spend on mobile would increase with additional payment platforms available at the point of purchase, such as carrier billing.

    Following extensive research with business owners and mobile users, Oxygen8 has produced its ‘Mastering multichannel journeys: making engagement pay’ White Book that explores how businesses communicate with customers and how those customers want businesses to communicate with them.

    According to the research, 75% of businesses will use four different channels to connect with their customers ‑ typically their brand’s website, social media, email and either app or SMS up to the point of purchase. However, following purchase the number of channels used drops to around two.

    The white book explores customer and brand engagement expectations from both pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. Among its results, it also finds:
    ● 31.7 million people in the UK have connected with an average of six businesses over their mobile device
    ● A connected consumer will increase the number of channels a business can potentially connect from two to three up to the point of purchase. Post-purchase this drops back down to two
    ● Businesses suffering from “one night stand” marketing in the immediate aftermath of a transaction
    ● Pre-purchase 10.8% of consumers will increase their spend with the business following relevant engagement, and a further 24% will be positively influenced
    ● Engaging with consumers becomes increasingly challenging over time
    ● Engagement gold: Almost 50% of connected mobile users attracted to vouchers and promotions
    ● An average of 22% of consumers claim businesses are increasing frequency and relevance of communications with a positive effect post-purchase
    ● Brand advocates reduces from 25% to 13% following purchase

    Robert Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer at Oxygen8 says: “Our research has shown that up to 92 per cent of mobile users connected to a business will use a mobile device to make a payment this year. As well as making mobile payments quicker and easier, the smartphone has enabled multichannel marketing to come full circle, and that’s what we do. Today’s consumer wants businesses, over a sustained period, to engage with them using SMS, email, and website across their mobile device.”

    He adds: “Engaging with consumers becomes increasingly challenging over time, our research reveals that voice calls remain the number one channel that businesses communicate with their customers. However consumers preferred contact through SMS and email showing potential disconnect between these businesses and their customers. It’s essential that brands continue to evolve their multichannel mobile marketing strategy to ensure they are capitalising on mobile payment opportunities. Businesses that are failing to do this need to transform ineffective communications into compelling engagement if they want to reverse the decline of brand advocates post purchase.”

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