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Revolutionary donor engagement platform to cultivate lifelong loyalty, expected to save nonprofits up to €100m


Avanade, UNICEF Netherlands (NL) and Microsoft have developed an innovative cloud-based solution to transform the way nonprofits engage with donors. The solution brings together data from across the organisation to provide real-time insights that will help increase donations and improve back-office efficiencies.

Based on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, it was originally developed for UNICEF NL, but has since been made available to all nonprofits and is expected to deliver sharing savings of up to than €100 million, globally.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) works tirelessly in more than 190 countries to save lives, defend the rights of millions of children and help them to realise their potential from early childhood to adolescence. Private donors and volunteers contribute their time and resources, and use their influence to support local UNICEF efforts in 34 countries around the world.

Faced with outdated and expensive fundraising methods, UNICEF NL partnered with Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact initiative and Avanade’s Tech for Social Good teams to overhaul its back-office operations and improve how it connected with donors. Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Experience and Customer Insights, UNICEF NL’s financial, operational, and marketing data is now integrated into one cloud-based platform that provides real-time insights to give a better view of its donors. It also enables the creation of personalised communications to encourage people to become lifelong supporters and assist UNICEF with the roll-out of its programs.

“We were looking for a solution that would enable us to engage with our donors in a more personal way. Their vocal support, time and donations are very welcome and critical to serve the interests of children,” says Bart de Ruigh, Director of Operations & Finance, UNICEF NL.

“At Avanade, our purpose is to make a genuine human impact and I couldn’t be prouder of the work our teams have done, in collaboration with UNICEF Netherlands and Microsoft, to help change things for the better for children all over the world,” says Pam Maynard, CEO of Avanade. “It’s even more gratifying to know that the solution we’ve developed together can enable other nonprofits to make stronger, lasting connections with their donor base.”

“UNICEF Netherlands works to transform the lives of millions of children around the world. By using Microsoft Dynamics 365 built on established nonprofit sector standards like the Common Data Model, it not only helps it achieve its mission, but also contributes back to the community as a replicable solution. It’s both humbling and incredibly inspiring to be a part of it,” said Erik Arnold, CTO for Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact group.

This solution, based on Microsoft’s Common Data Model for Non-profits, is available ‘off the shelf’ to other nonprofits, presenting an affordable way for organisations to get the latest Microsoft technology at a fraction of the price. “All industries benefit from reusable and repeatable solutions. It allows them to quickly deploy and scale at a lower cost,” explained Ralf van den Ham, UNICEF NL Client Lead, Avanade. “This is even more important for nonprofits, who have budgets that have to work much harder than most private companies. We are privileged to partner with UNICEF Netherlands to create a solution that encourages donations and thereby improves the lives of children around the world,”

Avanade launched its Tech for Social Good initiative in 2018 with the goal to become a trusted partner to nonprofits, to bring about systemic change through the strategic delivery of Microsoft technologies. It has since completed over 100 projects for more than 50 nonprofits.

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