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ROCCO Genesis: stimulating industry innovation for a more connected world


While the 2020s are only just underway, they have been a steeplechase of hurdles and water jumps – so planning for 2030 may seem fanciful. However, for the telecoms industry embracing the changes wrought on it by pandemic and changing consumer behaviours is now crucial.

And that is exactly what experts from across the globe will be doing in May at the ROCCO Genesis event in Malaga on 16 to 18 May. Bringing together experts in roaming, messaging, CPaaS and cyber security in one place, the event will be an ideal opportunity for the industry to take a look at how its rapidly evolved to meet the pandemic and post-pandemic demands of the market, as well as how to future proof themselves ready for the years ahead.

With a day of intense deep-dive conferencing on 16 May and a Lion’s Den pitch-fest on 17th, the event is set to not only help shape the way the business will develop, but also set in motion the partnerships and deals that will make that possible.

There are more details to come as the event takes shape, but on hand will be Kaleyra, Infobip, Monty Mobile, iBASIS and RoamSmart, among others, to showcase how roaming experience, CPaaS, messaging and cybersecurity are going to be intertwined in the delivery of the next generation of consumer-centric telecoms services worldwide.

Telemedia-online will be there soaking up the vibes and making a lot of video interviews, so sign up and we’ll see you there.

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