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SafeCharge launches its Smart 3DS Service to address mandatory PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements


A newly launched service from SafeCharge will allow businesses to seamlessly manage the optimal balance between fully-secured and frictionless payment check-out authorisations behind the scenes once PSD2’s SCA requirements come into force.

SafeCharge– the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology – today launches SafeCharge Smart 3DS Service, an acquirer-agnostic solution for merchants to address 3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) customer authentication checks that will become mandatory with the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation, one of the most important aspects of the Second Payment Service Directive (PSD2).

The solution is available to any business, regardless of its acquiring partner, and enables merchants to take back control, therefore minimising risk and enhancing the user payment experience.

3DS2 is the updated protocol aimed at managing SCA requirements. It ensures a seamless and more secure payment experience, particularly on mobile devices, reducing the risks associated with fraudulent chargebacks. SafeCharge Smart 3DS Service dynamically routes any customer transaction through a smart engine, analysing various data points and parameters in real time to ensure the smoothest secure payment flow and the best conversion rates, with minimum input from the consumer.

“The e-commerce landscape is growing in sophistication, with regulations becoming stricter and customers expecting the sleekest experience, no matter how they shop. Merchants need to be able to authenticate their customers in the least intrusive way to maximise conversion rates, but the complexity associated with 3DS2 can often be overwhelming,” said David Avgi, SafeCharge CEO. “We developed SafeCharge Smart 3DS in-house from the ground-up,  to enable any business to automatically direct any payment flow through the best authentication process depending on exemptions, rules and individual risk assessments.”

Powered by the latest Machine Learning functionalities, SafeCharge Smart 3DS is capable of analysing large amounts of information and making smart decisions in real-time. It determines whether the transaction is exempted from additional authentication steps with the issuing banks or, if it needs extra input from the customer – such as a one-time password, a device token or fingerprint/face recognition information.. The solution is available through SafeCharge’s Hosted Payment Pages, APIs or via WebSDK, and offers complete control over the user interface.


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