Telemedia for Service Providers & Aggregators

The Telemedia industry has the commercial expertise to bring network, billing and delivery capabilities into partnership with anyone able to identify an audience. This makes it an important catalyst in successfully turning many of today’s digital content and media challenges into highly lucrative opportunities.

As the media sector becomes more diverse, the need to maximize the value of advertising collateral and provide clients with more creative, targeted promotional services has never been greater. At the same time content owners need to satisfy an ever more demanding and technical consumers base which demands greater interactivity and more multimedia formats.

What can Telemedia do for Service Providers & Aggregators?

  • Knowledge: Telemedia reports on what the whole value chain around interactive media services wants from SPs and aggregators
  • Analysis: Assess trends and developments world wide in the generation of traffic and revenues
  • Understanding: Understand the developments and impact of the latest fixed and mobile billing technologies
  • Get the inside track: Learn from the media and advertising agencies as to what they want from SPs and aggregators
  • Up to date: Find out about the latest technological developments
  • Regulation: The latest information on regulations and legislation
  • Commentary: Hear from key generators of fixed and mobile traffic
  • Network: Develop new business from marketing, interactive advertising and content enhancement

Maximize your value in “the chain” which generates premium network traffic (PSMS, PRS) and discover where the next opportunity lies in partnership with Media & Marketing Groups, SPs, Aggregators, Network Operators, Convergent Technology and Billing Specialists.

Glossary of Terms

What is a Mobile Service Provider?

A mobile Service Provide is a company that offers users the ability to transmit through their mobile or tablet through wireless technology.

What does a mobile Aggregator do?

A mobile aggregator makes aggreements with a multiple mobile operators and acts s an intermediary between companies. The mobile aggregator afrees to s send and receive data and acts as the bridge between a brand owner and the mobile operator.

What is an Interactive Media Service?

An Interactive Media Service usually refers to one that is provided on a digital platform and allows users to respond to images, text, audio and video and often using mobile as the platform. Examples of Interactive Media Services are social media, mobile games, video animations and many more