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    ‘Sextech’ device adoption to swell by 87% globally this year, turned on by lockdown restrictions

    A new study from Juniper Research has found there will be more than 36 million connected sextech devices in use in 2020, rising from 19 million in 2019 and representing a swelling of 87%.

    Connected sextech devices are sex toys that are compatible with smartphones, enabling the user to have greater control of devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    The new research, Sextech & Sexual Wellness: Market Strategies & Emerging Opportunities 2020-2025, identified recent lockdown measures in multiple countries, high confidence in online retail, and increased spare time as key drivers to this short-term growth.

    During lockdown periods, consumer spend on sextech devices increased to simulate intimacy, without breaching social distancing measures.

    Sexual wellness trend driving sextech device uptake

    The report predicts that long-term growth in demand for sextech devices, such as connected vibrators and kegel exercisers, will be driven by their increasing inclusion in the concept of sexual wellness. Sexual wellness is an increasingly mainstream concept of improving sexual wellbeing, which can be supported by digital content and devices.

    It anticipates that changing attitudes towards sexual wellness will lead to increasing demand for connected devices from consumers, which will in turn lead to greater availability from retailers. This change of attitudes, along with heightened availability, will drive the sextech device market value to over $9 billion by 2025, up from $3.8 billion in 2020.

    North America leads adoption

    The research anticipates there will be one connected sextech device per every 14 adults in North America by 2025; representing over 21 million devices. It anticipates that connected vibrators will account for over 98% of the connected devices in use in the region over the next five years; owing to rising user familiarity and the success of specialist retailers.

    Research author Scarlett Woodford notes: ‘Interest in sextech devices has been driven by the use of connected vibrators in adult cam shows and pornography. This will be most profoundly felt in North America, which has a high viewership of both content formats.’

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