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Shaking up mobile user acquisition by making TV advertising accessible to app developers


Want to get apps downloaded en masse? Then TV advertising could hold the key. Quaid Media, a TV advertising specialist has launched ‘Burst TV’ – an all-in-one service that brings together the creative production of TV ads, media planning and buying and proven tactics from the world of mobile user acquisition, to create the first TV advertising package that’s specifically designed to drive up app installs.

In the same way that app developers have found that the best way to drive installs is to create a focused ‘burst’ of marketing and advertising to drive apps up the charts, Burst TV campaigns are concentrated over 1-3 days; the duration which Quaid Media has found to deliver the best possible boost to app installs. Depending on the specific consumer profile, the ads are shown on channels and at times designed to reach the app’s ideal demographic, and includes channels like ABC Family, MTV, More 4, ITV2, SyFY, SkyTV and Adult Swim – plus many more.

All aspects of the campaign are developed and delivered in-house, and can be anything from a single country campaign to a global TV push. This, coupled with Quaid Media’s focused model – meaning that these savings can be passed on to app developers, lowering the cost of entry for what has traditionally been one of the most expensive advertising mediums.

“With the cost of mobile advertising rocketing as the developers with the deepest pockets bid against each other for installs, TV offers a really cost-effective medium that’s shown time and again how effective it is at reaching and engaging consumers, and we expect to see many more developers turning to TV to expand their marketing campaigns,” said Josh Rinsky, VP Business Development at Quaid Media.

And for advertisers looking to reach the widest possible audience, there is ‘Burst Premium’ – offering the same as Burst TV, but with the inclusion of weekend and holiday advertising slots (which come with a higher cost due to the larger audience reach). As with ‘Burst TV’, advertisers can use existing ad creative or work with Quaid Media’s in-house creative and production teams, with all media planning and buying, plus any compliance and regulatory issues handled by the Quaid Media team.

As more app developers turn to advertising as a way of reaching new users, TV advertising – once out of reach to most app companies due to the cost and complexity – is becoming a powerful tool for building brands. In fact, research from both Google and Nielsen has shown that people continue to spend more time watching TV than any other entertainment medium – with 81% of people using their smartphones whilst watching TV on a daily basis. Quaid Media already has more than 13 years of experience in creating and running TV campaigns, and is working with many well-known app developers including Wooga to boost their marketing reach.

Formerly known as Motility Ads, Quaid Media’s expertise in creating TV campaigns for mobile goes spans more than 13 years as a pioneer in using TV to promote mobile products. Quaid Media is now part of Freenet Group – the largest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany.


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